Our mission is to bridge the gap between growing companies and skilled professionals. We have helped over 1700 tech talents around the globe in the last seven year. Now we are working extra hard to get more women hired in the tech industry. In an effort to increase the number of female tech workers who land an international job, we host regular hiring fairs especially for women and we connect them to companies that want to hire female professionals. So we listed 10 reasons why you should attend a Women in Tech Hiring event with VanHack:

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1 – Great opportunity to network

In our hiring events, candidates are pre-selected and we invite companies who are looking to hire women. That makes our hiring events a great opportunity to network with people who share interests with you.

2 – Amazing international experience to add to your CV

If you are starting to plan your international career, Vanhack’s hiring events are a cool experience you can add to your resume.

3 – Interviews with several hiring companies 

During our hiring events, companies and candidates have the opportunity to connect and know each other better. You will be able to participate in speed interviews with different recruiters, all in one place.

4 – Pre-selection! (so you know you are a great fit beforehand) 

We take the screening process very seriously meaning that every shortlisted candidate has the skills companies are looking for. 

How Lisdey Got Hired Through a Hiring Event

5 – In person interviews with international companies

Trying to start an international career abroad is hard. Even more so if you are trying to do that from your home country. The hiring event for women gives you the opportunity to speak to recruiters face-to-face. It’s a much cooler way to meet future colleagues than video calls.

6 – The opportunity to meet other amazing women like yourself

We promote exclusive hiring events for women. That way, when you participate in one of them, all the other participants will also be amazing women like you. It’s a really nice opportunity to make friends and help each other out.

Jobs for Women in Tech – How Shara Shami Got Hired

7 – Help preparing for the interviews

If you think a hiring event is nothing but pressure and stress, worry not. Our team of specialists will work with every candidate and help them prepare for the interviews. 

8 – Contact with companies interested in women with your skillset

How about participating in interviews already knowing that every recruiter you talk to is looking for people with your kind of skill set? This certainly lowers the tension a bit. Vanhack’s events are designed to maximize the chances of candidates being hired so companies and talents are invited according to common needs.

How Amandeep Kaur Got Hired Abroad to Work in the US

9 – Opportunity to connect with recruiters who are looking to hire more women

Our Women in Tech Hiring fairs are designed to match companies who want to hire the talented women in tech out there. And we think you should take advantage of that!

10 – Everything is taken care of. All you have to do is be your best self

The interview and screening processes are hard enough on their own. So, when you take part in one of our women in tech hiring events you can be sure we are taking care of everything. The matching, the activities, the scheduling are on us. All you have to do is impress recruiters with your amazing personality and skills.

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