More often than not, one of our hiring events is the pivotal moment on VanHacker’s journey to an international job. As we want you to get inspired and sign up for the upcoming events, we talked to Lisdey Perez, a front-end engineer from Cuba who got hired by a Canadian company. She talks about the hiring event that opened the doors to her dream job. 

She works for cutting-edge companies, adds an international experience to her curriculum, and learns from developers from different backgrounds. These are some of the reasons Lisdey signed up to VanHack. After completing her profile, she was invited to participate in a hiring event for women in technology. “I thought it was amazing!” she recalls, “It’s an opportunity to know other women in a space just for them”.

Lisdey’s full story is available on our podcast:

The hiring event was the turning point 

Lisdey’s case is by no means an exception. Many other VanHacker’s got hired through one of our events. 

Susan is one of our tech talents who benefited from a VanHack hiring event. She is a Full Stack developer from Nigeria who relocated to Canada. “I applied to so many companies, and it was pretty difficult. The VanHack event was amazing, a great way to interact with everyone. We had the opportunity to meet with the companies and we were able to present ourselves and talk about the experience that we have in one-on-one [conversations], and it [the hiring process] was much faster”.

Hear Susan’s full story: 

An engineer from Brazil, Irla took part in one of our Leap events and she described the experience as “magical”! VanHack Leap is an in-person event held across cities in Canada and Europe where companies looking to hire senior tech talent can meet 30-50 top developers, interview them, and hire them!

Hear Irla’s full story:


Preparation is the “secret ingredient”

The one thing all these stories have in common is how much effort the candidates put into preparing for the events. After accepting the invitation, Lindsey started working on her profile and getting ready for possible interviews. “I took all the steps and participated in all the classes. They were amazing and I believe they helped me a lot because I wasn’t sure how to search for a job abroad, I didn’t know how to apply. VanHack came in and it helped me”, she says.

Irla also recalls intense preparation before the event. “I went through a lot of stuff, mock interviews, courses, and one-on-ones. I got the list of the companies that would join the event and had help studying their cultures and my curriculum to match the job description”.

Do not miss out!

Are you ready to be the next VanHacker to get an international job? We hope to see you at one of our many in-person or virtual hiring fairs.

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