Amandeep Kaur is a mobile engineer from New Delhi, India, with a passion for coding things into existence. She got hired abroad to work in the US through VanHack and talked about her journey on our podcast. We want to share her story and inspire you to pursue your career goals. Are you a tech talent who wants to get hired abroad? 

Being in a place that provided more work opportunities and a strong education and health system was the main reason Amandeep wanted to work in another country. Her “weapons” to conquer the world? Determination and patience. Before signing up to VanHack, the engineer tried looking for jobs on LinkedIn.

“I was continuously trying to connect to recruiters on LinkedIn, so I knew that getting a job from India in a foreign country was going to be difficult. I had to be patient and determined. I had to be self-motivated, and I was 100% sure it was going to take time”, she remembers.

How VanHack helped Amandeep get hired abroad

First, she was skeptical. Amandeep saw an ad for one of VanHack’s women in tech hiring events but wasn’t sure until she read an article in a local newspaper that mentioned the company. The news story gave her the confidence she needed to move ahead and sign up. “Ok this is legit I can do it,” she says with a smile. Out of thousands of applicants, she was shortlisted to Canada for the Leap event. VanHack Leap is an in-person event held across cities in Canada and Europe. Companies looking to hire senior tech talent can meet 30-50 top developers, interview them, and hire them. Unfortunately, the trip didn’t happen due to visa issues, but Amandeep decided to persist. “I said, let me focus on my skills and try again”. 

And work on herself she did. Amandeep recalls all the preparation sessions she took and all the important questions she had answered by VanHack’s team “After creating my profile and doing the English Verification, there were multiple classes. How do you prepare for your job interview? How to present yourself? What should the body language be? How do you style yourself? How should you keep your hair? What technical skills should be mentioned?”. 

Join the upcoming Women in Tech

Join the upcoming Women in Tech

Bridging cultural differences

Amandeep says VanHack’s preparation was beneficial for her to navigate cultural differences and eventually get hired abroad. “If a company is hiring foreign talent, they need to make sure that you can communicate with the team. It is ok for a company to have a diverse team, so you should show them you are comfortable communicating with them. So if that kind of interaction [with the recruiter] goes well, then you have a lot of good chances to move ahead in the [hiring] process”.

Make yourself proud

Her passion and hard work are so extraordinary that, of course, we wanted to share with you the moment of joy when Amandeep finally had all her efforts pay off. She says she was speechless when she got the email offering her the job she had worked so hard to achieve.

“I started trying in 2018 and got my dream job in 2021; three years later, it was a long journey, and I never stopped. So when I got the email, I was able to go back to the point where I started; it was a full rail of memories. It was a completely new world that was going to start for me. And I felt proud of myself, not only my relatives, I felt proud of myself too, for never giving up”.

Do you want to be the next one to get hired abroad?

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