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Working in tech can be tough, even more so if you are a woman. The gender gap is still very real with only around 24% of employees in technology identifying as female according to Forbes polling. Do you think you can change that? We do. In the first half of 2021, we helped over forty women get jobs abroad and we are committed to being a force for change in the coming years.

In 2018, we conducted a study in partnership with MaRS Discovery District to better understand the needs and expectations of women looking for jobs in tech. We found out that women in tech wanting to relocate to Canada felt limited by familial responsibilities, financial, and geographic constraints. Do these feelings describe what goes on in your mind when you think about working abroad? We would like you to know that we are here to help you through all these issues and be part of your journey every step of the way.

A good education system and reliable health care were some of Ruth’s priorities when she started looking for international work opportunities. She is an engineer from Venezuela who relocated to Canada with our help. Ruth applied for a job on LinkedIn and three months later got a call from the company asking her if she could be in the Hiring Fair VanHack was organizing that year in Toronto. She said yes and started preparing with VanHack resources and practice interviews. Two months after that, she landed the job.

You can see Ruth’s full story here:

Why are women underrepresented in tech?

In addition to family responsibilities, a report by showed that the way the tech world is perceived is also a hurdle in the women’s path in this market. Among the people interviewed for the report,  33% of tech leaders were male, 22% perceived IT as a male-dominated field, 14% said there is a lack of work/life balance, and 14% talked about how educational institutions do not encourage girls to pursue careers in tech.

A recent study led by Accenture and Girls who Code showed that 50% of women abandon technology careers by the age of thirty-five and that women are leaving tech roles at a 45% higher rate than men. Only 21% of women in the study said they believed the technology industry was a place they could thrive; sadly, this number falls even lower, to 8%, for women of color.


How we are changing this

To the best of our abilities, we are working hard to assist women in overcoming the obstacles they currently face when building a successful career in tech. The people behind developing our resources, services, and events are aware of what this demographic is up against and are committed to helping change that. 

Susan is one of our tech talents who benefited from a VanHack hiring event. She is a Full Stack developer from Nigeria who was hired and relocated to Canada. “I wanted to be in a place where there’s a stronger Tech Community. I applied to so many companies and it was pretty difficult. The VanHack event was amazing, a great way to interact with everyone. We had the opportunity to meet the companies and we were able to present ourselves and talk about the experience that we have in one-on-one [conversations], and it [the hiring process] was faster”.

You can see Susan’s full story here:


Natalia is a software engineer from Colombia who recently relocated to Canada. She has a message for women who are currently looking for a job in tech abroad: 

Believe in yourself. Know that everyone in the world has something special, something that is different from the others. You must show and explore that. Improve yourself every day, you can do it. Some years ago I thought I couldn’t do it and right now I know that I can”. 

You can see Natalia’s full story here:


What if I fail?

Being a woman in tech sometimes means feeling the need of proving yourself over and over. Under such pressure, failure sure seems a scary prospect and it keeps women from trying. Does this seem familiar to you? Lei from Myanmar is a Fullstack engineer who recently relocated to Canada and she has a message for you:

I failed, I got rejected. Yes, I was disappointed. But I took it as a learning experience. I just focused on learning new things, and I eventually got a very nice job. You may get rejected and feel hurt but please DO NOT GIVE UP! You can do it. Believe me. Take one step at a time towards your dream job”.

You can see Lei’s full story here:


Our hiring events are great opportunities for you to showcase your talent, your experience, and what makes you special. Keep an eye on our schedule.

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