Shara Shami is a software developer and team leader currently living in Toronto. She is from Brazil and moved to Canada in February 2020, but we would like to rewind the story a bit to tell you how Shara got hired in the first place and in the middle of a pandemic no less! A crucial part of her journey was VanHack’s Women in Tech Hiring Fair and the 2022 first edition of the event is just around the corner. The fair will take place, virtually, on  April 5 -7th and is 100% free for candidates. Would you like to be the next one hired and relocating abroad? 🌟 Sign up now 🌟. 

Now back to Shara! Her journey started in 2017 on her first trip abroad. She went to California to attend the Google IO event and the experience of a multicultural environment inspired her. That’s when she started thinking about working abroad. “I wanted to have the experience of living and working outside of my home country”. 


Getting prepared for the hiring process with VanHack’s help

Taking part in one of VanHack’s hiring events streamlined the process for her. “The Women in Tech [hiring event] definitely helped me a lot in this journey. I had no idea of how an international hiring process worked and VanHack guided me this unknown world and also prepared me for it”

But before things got “easier” they got very intense. Performing her best at the fair required a lot of hard work. Shara says VanHacks’ consultants assisted her in preparing her resume and improving her LinkedIn profile. She also took English classes that focused on technical topics. 


VanHack’s Women in Tech hiring event helped Shara get a job abroad

“It was amazing!”, Shara says of VanHack’s Women in Tech Hiring Fair

She researched about the companies that were participating in the event and decided which ones she thought would be a good fit for her. With that in mind, she prepared her “sales pitch” and VanHack helped her get in touch with the opportunities that interested her the most. 

“They connected us [candidates] with different companies. They get to know more about what you can find out there, like several organizations, different cultures, and also different processes”.

Shara highlights another important aspect of the hiring event: the chance you get to meet interesting people. For Shara that meant talking to people that would end up becoming her “neighbors”, so to speak. “I got connected with other candidates and that’s good for networking. I met some friends that are currently living in Canada as well”. 

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The last Women in Tech Hiring Fair saw over 440 attendees, 200 female candidates registered from 50 countries, and 1800 speed interviews facilitated.  

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