We bridge the gap between growing companies and skilled professionals. That’s why we want to empower more women to apply for tech jobs abroad. Studies have shown that women tend to talk themselves out of tech jobs before they even submit their applications. This comes from a LinkedIn Gender Insights Report, which reveals that women apply for 20% fewer jobs than men — despite having similar search behaviors.

As of five years ago, only 25% of all tech-based jobs were held by women, and that trend hasn’t gone in a positive direction ever since. This is because, unlike male candidates, females will only apply to jobs if they’re 100% confident about their qualification.

Why Women Are Underrepresented in Tech

An Isaca.org report explains that family responsibilities are a big hurdle in why the tech landscape doesn’t include many female talents. The way the tech world is perceived is another roadblock women need to overcome, with 22% of 33% of male tech leaders believing the tech industry is male dominated.

The same report showcased that 14% stated there’s a lack of work/life balance and a further 14% said how educational institutions don’t encourage females to pursue tech careers, so it puts them off from the very beginning.

An Accenture and Girls Who Code study shows a similar trend. They revealed that 50% of women abandon their tech careers by 35 and leave tech roles at a 45% higher rate than men. Sadly, only 21% believed they could thrive in the tech industry — a staggering 8% of women of color said the same.

Don’t Focus Too Much On the Qualifications

Don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders strictly about the qualifications. Yes, they’re important, but they aren’t the only factor hiring managers consider when recruiting new talent. 

What’s equally as important are the responsibilities of the role. You might have the perfect experience and can excel in your responsibilities, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of qualifications will hold you back from landing that dream job. 

If you have the qualifications — great. If not, go ahead and still apply for the role.

We advise you to focus more on the responsibilities of the job, the company hiring for the position, the product or service you’ll work on and what the culture is like. If you can focus on these things and see yourself working there, then don’t talk yourself out of it. Submit the application and worry about the skills and qualifications later on.

The same LinkedIn study has revealed that women are actually 16% more likely to get hired compared to men. That’s not all. If the role women apply for is more senior than current positions, that figure increases to 18%. 

Strengthen Other Areas of Your Resume

Skills are hugely important in any role. This means recruiters and hiring managers won’t invest much time in screening resumes and applications from candidates who don’t have the skills to excel. However, that doesn’t mean if you don’t have 100% of the requirements can’t apply at all.

Your resume is more than your qualifications. Your cover letter, education and experience are all, in some cases, more valuable than skills alone. If your resume shows you’re a keen learner, a problem solver and someone who gets things done quickly, organizations are likely to value that because they can eventually train you up.

Think of it from a managerial perspective. If you have 10 years of experience leading a team of 20 software developers but no skills in the product itself, it’s unlikely a company will dismiss you right away because of everything else you have to offer. If there’s something you believe you can add to the position and company, don’t hesitate to apply and highlight those same skills in your cover letter.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Again, it’s much easier said than done, but another reason why women don’t apply for tech jobs abroad is because of impostor syndrome. It impacts anybody at any time. As soon as you see that you don’t meet all of the criteria, it’s natural not to want to apply because you don’t feel like you’re qualified enough for it. 

Think of it as a growing pain. Being uncomfortable is great as it shows you’re ready to grow and want to advance further in your career.

Check out 10 ways to increase your confidence (specially during the hiring process): 

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Maximize Your Chances of Getting Hired

Looking Abroad

If you haven’t had a lot of luck locally or you haven’t applied for many positions, it might be worth looking beyond borders and applying for international tech roles. There’s a global skills shortage, which means organizations are offering high salaries and enviable perks to lure the most talented tech professionals to join their teams.

With such a demand for software developers, engineers and other tech professionals, it means: we are looking for YOU!

Europe, the United States, Canada — there are so many countries available that are actively recruiting for talent. Some are focusing on women because of the skills they bring and the need to hit their diversity and inclusion targets. 

Proving You’re a Great Candidate

As talented as you are, there’s always something everybody can do so they stand out from the competition. Here are some of our top tips to help you go from a good candidate to a great one.

Take Code Challenges

Not every candidate will do this, which puts you at an advantage. Our platform allows you take code challenges at no cost, so you can show potential employers just how skilled you are. When they interview you, they’ll already know where your skills lie and it could fast-track you to landing your dream job.

At this point, they won’t even consider gender. The code challenge results alone will tell them everything they need to know. Not doing these isn’t the end of the world, but it would play in your favor.

How Important Are Code Challenges When Looking For a Tech Job?

Build a GitHub Portfolio

Today, hiring managers and recruiters will probably ask to see your GitHub. Get one step ahead and build a portfolio today. Although it’s a recent trend, it holds a valuable role in helping you stand out as a must-employ candidate.

It isn’t exactly your resume, but there are certain things to add to your GitHub portfolio to enhance it:

  • Website
  • Programming exercises
  • Games
  • Mobile apps
  • Scripts
  • Plug-ins
  • Code targeted to the employer
  • Your contribution to other projects

Employers want to see variety, completeness, performance and readability. Make sure everything functions and is readable, so the GitHub portfolio does its intended job.

5 Steps For Creating Your GitHub Profile Like a Pro

Showcase You’re Willing to Learn

This is the big one. If there’s anything you need to get across, it’s that you’re always willing to learn. If you don’t have 100% of the qualifications, it isn’t the end. A willingness to show up and learn is a great attitude trait to possess and it’s what employers love.

If they find a great person in you and they’re confident you want to learn, they’re likely to give you a chance over somebody with the qualifications but has no desire.

It’s An Institutional Issue

This isn’t just a problem among women. It’s an issue companies need to overcome. Diversifying recruiting teams, analyzing gender splits in the team, taking feedback on board and promoting women to leadership positions. There are so many strategies companies can and should take so women feel empowered and comfortable applying for tech jobs when they can see women moving up the ladder.

Let’s Break Excluding Stereotypes to Strengthen Women in Technology

VanHack Is Helping Women to Land Tech Jobs Abroad

At VanHack, we’re doing everything we possibly can to remove the barriers for talented women to build a successful career in tech. We’ve already taken steps to ensure we focus on women, with over 80 women getting hired abroad. They had over four years of experience in software development and found their dream jobs in countries such as: 


Jobs for Women in Tech – How Shara Shami Got Hired

United States

How Amandeep Kaur Got Hired Abroad to Work in the US


Relocating to Germany – How Debarghya and Poulami got hired


Hiring events for women in tech

We also run hiring events regularly, some of them specifically for women. They are great opportunity to connect with companies looking for great tech talents. Check out the next VanHack event 🗓

Right now, we have over 8,000 women on our platform, with over 95% accepted offers. We’re working tirelessly to ensure the numbers continue to rise.

Women Can Find Their Dream Tech Job With VanHack

We are commited to helping the best female tech talent find the perfect role in a company that will value them. It’s why we offer so much on our platform that you can access and should take advantage of to help you stand out from other tech professionals. We offer all our candidates prepare for the hiring process and with relocation once they get the job. 

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