Did you know we have hiring partners in over 20 countries? Besides Canada, we also work with companies from Europe, the US, and other regions. This means your dream of an international career can take many different forms. For Debarghya and Poulami the final destination on their path for a job abroad was Germany.

The couple from India had always wanted to move to Europe. Their motivation is a mix of professional goals and the lifestyle they envisioned for themselves. “We thought that maybe [moving to Europe] would give us different kinds of exposure, both product-wise and technology-wise. We also wanted to travel, we both love traveling. So we thought that moving to Europe would give us better options to travel”, says Poulami.

And you can learn more about relocating to Germany here.


Preparation made the dream come true

The interview preparation was key to success for them. Poulami describes the assistance she got from her VanHack advisor as “very, very, very helpful” and explains that the interview prep guided her through what the hiring company expected from her and what kind of questions she was likely to be asked. 

“Yeah, it was pretty much the same for me”, Debarghya agrees. “We learned about the interview, which was something we didn’t know. In India, mostly the interviews are focused on technical aspects. That was something we found different when applying abroad”.

They both got hired through VanHack and the timing was almost perfect. Debarghya remembers how weird it felt to get the good news first. He was happy, of course, but still hoping his wife would also receive a job offer. When she did, they were finally able to celebrate and start planning the big move. 


Is working in Europe your dream as well? 

Poulami’s advice for VanHackers who are pursuing an international career is to prepare well. 

“Read up about the company before so you know what kind of questions you can expect from them. Some are common questions, we know that they are always going to come up. So you don’t go clueless to the interview”.

You can hear Devarghya and Poulami’s story here:

And You can see Devarghya and Poulami’s story here: