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Why is Premium Academy a Great Option for Tech Talent?

Are you a skilled IT professional with a strong desire to work abroad? Well, you have probably heard of VanHack – a recruitment company that connects candidates from all over the world with jobs in Canada, Europe, and the USA. 

Even better, you probably have a VanHack profile and have your sights set on a couple of great developer jobs. You may have even sent out a few applications, but the results weren’t what you hoped for.  

But before you give up on your quest for your dream job abroad, it’s time you consider a different approach. And no! I don’t mean giving up on your dream job, but rather, sign up for our Premium Academy which can help you improve yourself and succeed in your international job search.

What is Premium Academy?

Premium Academy is a service aimed at preparing tech talent for work opportunities abroad. It is Premium Academy whose core value is preparation and where members acquire career skills that allow them to stand out from the rest of the competition.   

Why Should You Join Premium Academy?

VanHack believes that preparation is key to the success of job hunting. Preparation for most job seekers usually entails honing your craft to a point where few people or even nobody is better than you. The logic behind this is that nothing is better than skill.

And while this is a pretty solid approach, it often overlooks some pretty valuable aspects of your job-seeking process  – which is why you need Premium Academy. Our academy focuses on important areas of improvement to get you more and more prepared for your job abroad, giving our members that extra edge over competitors. These include the developer interview skills, your VanHack profile, and their improvement of the English language.

By combining different strategies and approaches, we help our academy members to increase the chances of success in their job hunt. Generally, we help developers improve their interviewing skills and assist them in crafting a world-class professional profile. Members also join our motivated community of VanHackers and receive exclusive content to help you get more prepared for your international job hunting.

How does Premium Academy Help Developers?

Here is a closer look at how our Premium Academy helps developers interested in international jobs.

Improving member’s Interview Skills

Interview classes are our most famous service, and for good reason – they create an environment for developers that simulate a real interview to get you more prepared for what you will face in real life. 

And by practicing and getting feedback on how to answer the most common questions, our members will be more confident, have a better knowledge on how to best showcase their skills and experience and have more success on interviews. We focus on both behavioral and technical interview questions.

1.      Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions will help employers understand an interviewee, how they think, and how they respond to real-world scenarios. They provide concrete examples of how your skill and experience relate to the company position you want.

Generally, behavior interview questions are more related to understanding if the candidate fits the company’s culture and if they have the soft skills they are looking for. Your answers will help the hiring company learn more about you and ultimately gauge your competency level and fit within the company.

So, in each Behavioral Interview Practice, your Instructor will bring up subjects related to HR and Cultural Fit interviews. You’ll be exposed to common questions you might get in an interview and also techniques & methodologies to help you face those situations, like STAR and others.

2.      Technical Interview Questions

Technical interview focus is to check if the candidate has the technical skills needed for the job they are applying for. In those classes, you will be able to learn, do live exercises with the other members of our Academy and improve yourself to be ready for interviews.

They will want to know your methodology (how you got your answers) and how articulate you are in your skills.  The questions will also assess your knowledge of the industry and how you will apply the solution to an actual workplace scenario.

In the Technical Interview Practice your instructor will bring up subjects related to general Technical Interviews, such as Live Coding, Whiteboard or Q&A, aiming to provide a friendly environment where you’ll be able to get comfortable and more confident with these interview scenarios.

The main point of the class is to provide an environment where you can be comfortable speaking and improving your communication skills, which is as important as your tech skills for tech interviews. Even if the class’s topic is, for example, Front-End related and you’re not working in this field, you can still benefit from the discussion, because we always bring up tips for handling interview situations.

Our focus is to help you improve your communication skills, the technical is a consequence while you’re practising the exercises.

3. English for Interviews and Work

In the English for Interviews and Work your instructor will be working on English Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, aiming to help you improve your communication skills at Interview scenarios.

Common content covered during those sessions:

  • Writing a grabbing Linkedin summary
  • “Power verbs” for resumes
  • Writing a memorable cover letter
  • How to talk about past difficulties and habits

So, why should you rely on VanHack Premium Academy to help step up your preparation for your job abroad? 

1.      Our sessions are as close to an actual interview as close can be

The thing about typing “how to improve my interview skills” on your search engine is that you will most likely end up reading a 500-word guide explaining the dos and don’ts of an interview. If you’re lucky, you may come across a 5-minute-long pre-recorded video in the process. And while this is not entirely wrong, it can not be enough. 

VanHack Premium Academy gives you an environment focused to help you improve your skills. We offer 40+ hours of live interview practice class sessions each month. In each session, our instructors present questions on a subject related to international job interviews and engage developers in discussions and exercises. 

That way, we can provide an experience as close as possible to a real interview, in the type of learning environment where you’ll be exposed to different cultures and professional backgrounds, which will soon be part of your international career as well in the future.

2.      Extra Materials

Each session is also recorded, so you can always go back and assess your performance and that of others. You can access these classes along with other extra materials on our class platform to help boost your interview skills.

Overall, the interview classes improve the developers’ knowledge and language skills, help them feel more confident and present the best version of themselves in a job interview. We hold two classes a day (Monday to Thursday) at 4 am and 8 am Pacific Time (PST). 

Profile Review

Another service offered by VanHack Premium Academy is profile review. Your profile is the first interaction potential employers will have with you and should receive as much attention as any other aspect of your job search.

Think of it as a first impression, something you only ever get a single shot at. Unfortunately, many developers haven’t quite realized this and thus miss a couple of great job opportunities due to an unappealing profile.

If you are a member of VanHack Premium Academy, you can request a review of your profile. Our experts will conduct a full review of your VanHack profile, send you complete feedback highlighting areas for improvement, and share some valuable tips to make your profile stand out. The entire process should take about five business days, and they can request a follow-up profile review after 30 days.

The good news about having VanHack professionals review your profile is that whatever improvements we make can be applied to your Linkedin and similar profiles, which is key to keep your international profile solid. 

Complete Access to VanHack Premium Academy Exclusive Features

VanHack Premium Academy members also enjoy exclusive access to a wide variety of resources to help them get a job abroad. Here, you can connect and network with hundreds of other Premium Academy members in a community dedicated to learn and help each other improve.

VanHack also runs an exclusive communication channel for its Premium Academy, where developers keep up to date with all our Academy services, get support from our team, and receive updates about upcoming events and job opportunities. Therefore, you can be sure that someone will be ready and willing to help you whenever you have an issue or question.

Our Premium Academy also conducts webinars with exclusive content on essential matters like immigration, the Canadian start-up environment, and so much more. We host CEOs, immigration specialists, and recruiters who share their knowledge and answer your questions. Since nothing beats learning from people who’ve been through the process, our team is always looking for and working on something special for our Premium Academy community.

To put it simply, VanHack Premium Academy equips you with all the information you need to secure a job abroad. Learn in a judgement-free environment using exclusive materials, webinars, step-by-step courses, events, and so much more.

Join VanHack Premium Academy 

At VanHack, we believe that preparation- whether on interview or language skills- is the key when looking for a tech job abroad. This is why we created VanHack Premium Academy and why you should sign up. Everything in our platform is geared towards making you the best possible candidate you can be, putting you on the right path towards securing a work opportunity abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions on VanHack Premium Academy 

How can I become a Premium Academy member?

To join VanHack Premium Academy, subscribe to any one of our Premium Academy plans – ranging from monthly to quarterly and semiannually. Our monthly subscription plan goes for 65 CAD$/month billed every month, quarterly 55.4 CAD$/month billed as CAD$166 every three months, while our semiannual plan will cost you 50 CAD$/month billed as CAD$300 every six months.

How can I make the most of VanHack Premium Academy?

VanHack Premium Academy has a lot to offer, and it will require some dedication to make the most of the service. Make sure that you attend at least two of our interview practice sessions each week, and join our Premium Academy community where you will receive all essential notifications and enjoy full support from our VanHack team. Also, don’t forget to request a profile review.

Do Premium Academy members see more jobs on the platform?

No. It’s the same for Premium Academy and regular members.

Does VanHack Premium Academy guarantee me a job or an interview?

No. And while we can’t guarantee that Premium Academy members will get hired or predict how long it will take them to get an interview, our goal is to get you prepped and ready for any interview coming your way.

If you want to acquire career skills that will make you stand out from the herd, join VanHack Premium Academy.


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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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