It’s our anniversary, and we are very proud of everything we have accomplished together. We thank you all for letting our team be part of your life. Starting a career abroad is an important decision, so we appreciate you embarking on this journey with us.

We are celebrating seven years as one of Canada’s most respected recruitment companies, and we have over 1,800 hires under our belt. Our mission is to connect hiring companies with the perfect candidate no matter where they are. Together with you and our amazing community of talented tech professionals, we are making the IT industry more diverse, exciting, and innovative.

In our anniversary, we celebrate you!

Our job is to help you land your dream international job. So your victory is our victory too! That’s why when we celebrate our seventh anniversary, we are actually commemorating what you, amazing VanHackers all over the globe, have accomplished during the past seven years.

We have seen families move abroad together, tech talents thriving and being promoted, VanHackers building a whole life in new countries. We’ve helped more women get hired abroad, developers improve their careers, and hardworking people make their dreams come true. So congratulations to every single one of you!

Calling All VanHackers! Let’s Celebrate VanHack’s Anniversary Together!

Our community is growing

And since we are doing so well, let’s keep these great results coming, right? In the first semester of 2022 alone, more than 89k new VanHackers joined the platform, we conducted +2k mock interviews, and received English Verifications from +6k candidates! Wow, you guys rock!

Communication with such a large family is hard work, and we ramped up our efforts. We are 20k VanHackers on Instagram and 70k on LinkedIn.

Our platform now connects more than 390k tech talents worldwide with international companies offering the best hiring opportunities.

Together we are a big, hard-working, and talented community of tech people who want to make the industry (and the world!) better!

1st Semester Wrap-Up: Our Community Keeps Growing!


Wishes from the team: We are celebrating in many different languages

VanHack is an international community at its core. Over here we have a team of more than 100 people from different nationalities and working from different locations. Please, let’s give a big round of virtual applause to this fantastic group of people who are the force behind what we have accomplished so far! Yay!

“Happy anniversary VanHack! Proud of being part of this great company. Cheers to the many next anniversaries we’ll celebrate!” – Marina de Goes, Interview Advisor

“Happy anniversary VanHack, I wish you greater heights and prosperous years ahead.” – Olalekan Adeyanju, Technical Sourcing

“Happy number 7 anniversary to VanHack. I hope you keep growing and impacting people’s lives, making dreams come true. We Hack together.” – Maria Sanchez, Community Manager

“7 years and thousands of lives changed. It’s a pleasure to be part of this ride! Happy birthday, VanHack!” – Rodolfo Santos, European Growth Manager


Our anniversary keeps getting better and better! We have our own song!

You better believe us when we say we have the best team in the world. Breno Araújo, our product designer, got together with colleagues to wrote and produced a song to celebrate our anniversary. That’s right, we now have our very own special anniversary song by our very own amazing team. It can’t get more awesome than that!


🌎 VANHACK, LinkedIn Talent Awards Winner 2021, is Canada’s most respected recruitment company. With more than 1,700 hires, VanHack is on a mission of increasing diversity and creating a borderless world. So if you are a software developer looking for a job abroad, in Canada, the US, or Europe, join VanHack today. 100% free for candidates, plus you will get all the preparation you need when your profile is shortlisted.

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