Getting a job abroad opens a world of possibilities. Living in a foreign country is exciting, but it can be challenging. Factors such as language and cultural differences are the main difficulties when moving overseas. 

The first step to show that you have the right skills, mindset, and motivation to work in a multicultural environment is answering international job interview questions.

When relating to job interviews, preparation is the key to success. Do you know that VanHack has a service that will help you give a step further in your preparation for your job abroad? It is our Premium Academy.

One of the main services at our Academy is the Interview Practice classes. You will have access to more than 40 hours of live classes monthly that will help you respond to questions confidently and feel more comfortable facing a real-time interview abroad. Our mission in class is to simulate an interview environment where you’ll improve your public speaking skills in English. 

Our classes are held from Monday to Thursday, and you will find a diverse environment, where you’ll be exposed to different cultures and professional backgrounds, which will soon be part of your international career as well. 

Our live sessions are divided into Behavioral, Technical, and English for Work & Interviews classes. Each one focused on different subjects and practices. You’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on practice with all the most common questions and situations you might get in an international job interview while boosting your English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and confidence. 

Although we do not require any specific English level, it’s important to keep in mind that it is not a course for beginners, but for those who can at least communicate in English. Our sessions are offered in live group classes, where you’ll have the opportunity of building an international network as well. Recorded lessons are also published weekly for review and self-paced learning.

The main objective of our Premium Academy is to support you and offer a friendly session, yet focused on your professional goals, where you’ll have access to key resources for pursuing your international job-hunting journey.



Behavioral Interview Practice


In the Behavioral Interview Practice, our instructor will bring up subjects related to HR and cultural fit interviews to each session, aiming to help you prepare for upcoming interviews. 

This course targets your interview and in-the-job communication & collaboration techniques, while the classes bring you plenty of supporting topics. You will have the chance to practice common interview questions, different techniques, improve your meta-cognition, learning & communication skills, and teamwork.

This means it will help you succeed in your job interviews and develop an understanding of international recruiting processes. On top of that, you will gain insight into multicultural work ethics, interpersonal communication and cross-cultural collaboration.


Technical Interview Practice


In the Technical Interview Practice, your instructor will bring up general-related subjects, such as live coding, whiteboard or Q&A, aiming to provide a friendly environment where you’ll be able to get comfortable and more confident with these international interview scenarios.

This course has been designed to provide you with the most up-to-date skills and techniques to succeed in technical interviews. It will cover key topics ranging from system design and algorithms to code challenges, whiteboarding and problem-solving techniques.

Whether you are a Full Stack Developer, a Backend Engineer, a Data Scientist or anything in between, this course is for you. If you are applying for international jobs that require technical expertise in Computer Science, Software or Web Development, Data Engineering and other related fields, you will benefit from our program. 

The Technical Interview Practice program is composed of two tracks, which we call “Code Challenges” and “Beyond Code.” 

Code Challenges

Our Code Challenges track is meant to help you develop confidence in your technical and analytical skills, along with strategies and techniques to tackle complicated challenges. This program will help you succeed in the interview and also in your career. 

Beyond Code

Technical interviews are no longer limited to coding challenges and the conceptual understanding of your preferred programming language. They aim to find the “right fit,” which means you must stop working and thinking in silos. Your job affects many other departments, domains and people, whether you work with them directly or not.



English for Work & Interviews


The English for Work & Interviews program has been developed to support your language skills. It is meant to help you improve on what you already know. The classes have been designed to provide you with the challenges and guidance to become a confident English speaker. 

This course will help you build vocabulary and all four language skills in a business context: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will practice refining your Resumé, writing emails, making presentations, engaging in discussions and a lot more.


VanHack Premium Academy


Premium Academy is a complete package of services to help you acquire international job-hunting skills and reach your goals. 

All the sessions offered in the membership are meant to provide you with a friendly environment where you’ll practice and improve your communication skills, besides learning how to handle different situations you may face at international job interviews. It will prepare you for the interviews and what comes next: a successful international career in multicultural environments.

Learn more about VanHack Premium Academy here.

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