The English verification is a mandatory step to make your profile ready to apply for jobs at VanHack. Although it may sound a little intimidating, it shouldn’t scare you. Even if you do not feel completely comfortable with your English level, In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the English verification and how you can perform your best.

What is VanHack English Verification?

First things first, let’s talk about what is the English Verification process. It was designed to evaluate the candidate’s level of professional English and how well they can communicate. The verification is about assessing how well you can talk about yourself, your skills, and your experience. You record and submit the verification all within our platform and the process is free for all candidates. 

If you already had a job interview with a company in English, you probably faced the questions asked on our English verification.

Tell me about yourself

This first question is your biggest selling point. Here you can showcase who you are, your experience and skills, and what is unique about you. Remember you have to differentiate yourself from other VanHacker candidates.

Talk about a Tech Challenge

This question is about proving how great you are, what you have done to help your team/company/project, and your accomplishments. Remember the STAR strategy: describe the situation, task, action, and results achieved for the chosen challenge. This is an important part of the English Verification process.

Questions for your interviewer

Ask the interviewer a question! Interviews are both ways street, so you also need to understand if the company is a good fit for you. Ask relevant questions, be curious, and show them what is important to you. 

How long does it take to submit the English Verification videos?

All you have to do is submit three videos answering these three questions and you “unlock” your VanHack profile. After you send the videos you are ready to start applying for jobs!

Even though the videos are short, you have three hours to complete your test. You can record the video as many times as you wish before sending it (as long as you do it within the 3-hour limit). After taking notes about what they want to say, most candidates spend about 15 minutes to record their videos.

Here is what you need to do to crush the “Tell Me About Yourself” video

Are you ready to go? Awesome! We have some tips on how you can nail the first English Verification video.

Maria Alfaro, CEO and founder of English for Canada, says you can break down the “tell me about yourself” pitch into three parts:

First, you introduce yourself. Say your name, describe your work and tell them how you help people. Explain what you do by detailing how your action helps achieve an outcome. Maria’s example is: “Hi. I’m Maria. And I am a certified Canadian English teacher I help hopeful immigrants to become Canadians by helping them pass their English proficiency exams.”

Then you may add what makes you unique. For Maria it would be: “In my case, I can say that my school is a certified Canadian School, meaning that all of our teachers are certified Canadian English teachers, and all of our lessons include 100% Canadian English”

Step number three is to back up your claim by providing some numbers. “Mention some problems you have solved. This is where you can talk about the proof you have, maybe awards you have, or results or statistics you can mention. For example, I can say that since starting my school we have helped over 5,000 students”.

🤝 Click here to learn more about crushing the English verification video: Tell me more about yourself

Tips on how to nail the second English Verification video: talk about a tech challenge

The second part of the English Verification process is recording a video about a tech challenge you overcame. This gives you a great opportunity to talk about your accomplishments. This is why you should embrace this chance and do your best. We suggest you apply the STAR method. The acronym stands for situation, task, action, and result. It gives you a script to describe a tech challenge in a way anyone can understand. Even if they are not familiar with your project or company. 

It breaks the scenario down into parts so you can tell a meaningful story using this framework:

Situation: Set the scene and only provide the required details of your example.

Task: Explain your responsibility in the situation.

Action: Highlight the steps you had taken to address the situation.

Results: What are the outcomes of your actions? What did you achieve?

These four components will help you shape your answer, keeping you focused and on track. Preparing is vital. So, before recording your English Verification video about the tech challenge, make sure to:

  • List your qualifications: What experience or skills do you have that the role you’re applying for needs? This will let you look for other listings to identify the skills and qualities you’ll need to bring to the table.
  • Highlight examples: Next, identify specific examples of when you used those skills. For each example, utilize the STAR method — what the situation was, the task you had, the action you took, and the end result.
  • Match the skills to the role: Regardless of the examples you pick, try and closely relate them to the job you’re interviewing for. This should help you identify the types of behavioral questions interviewers may ask you.

How to use the STAR interview method like a pro

How to prepare for the third English Verification video: ask a question

Your point of view matters. The hiring process is also about finding a place where you will be happy and thrive. So the English Verification is also a chance for you to talk about what you care about. “It is not only about the company, it is about you making sure that it is a company you want to work at”, Carolina Brand Talent Manager explains. “It is important to go prepared with questions, and to connect your questions to the company so they know we have done your research”.

Job Interview: what to do and what not to do

Why do I need to do the English Verification at VanHack?

We get this question a lot: why do I need to complete the English Verification? I am a native speaker, I’ve taken IELTS or I’ve been living in an English-speaking country for a good amount of years.

Everyone who wants to apply for a job at VanHack needs to do the English verification. Here is why:

We have candidates from all over the world and everyone needs to be evaluated by the same standards – so we can assure that we have a fair process of evaluation. Also, the type of evaluation done in language tests (such as IELTS or TOEFL) has different purposes.

There’s another thing that you may have not considered: your videos are a marketing tool for your profile! Yes, you read it right. When a recruiter or company is looking into your profile, your video can make the difference in selling yourself as a professional, highlighting your skills and experience. In such a busy time reading resumes is a long task, but a short 2 minutes video is much easier. Every day our recruiters and business partners are using more and more the video as their first point of contact with the candidate.

And one last thing to make you more comfortable in doing the test is that, sometimes, we underestimate our own English level. 80% of our candidates get advanced or fluent and, in case you get a lower level, you can retake month after month until you get advanced.

Complete your verification and unlock a world of job opportunities abroad

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