With the world still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and its social and economic consequences, 2021 was in no way easy. Nevertheless, our team kept working hard to help tech talents around the globe achieve their career dreams. We are proud to present some of the amazing results we reached in 2021, starting with the most important: we helped over 500 skilled professionals get an international job. A question for you: how can we help you make your dream job come true in 2022?

In 2021, VanHackers were hired in Europe, Canada, the US – for fully remote or relocation positions.

Canada was the number one location where our candidates got a job last year, with 86% getting a job in the country. The United States came in second, with 6 % of the companies, and Germany was the third with 4%.

Number of VanHackers hired by country

What a hired VanHacker looks like

If you wonder how many years of experience the VanHackerers hired in 2021 have, here is the answer. 67% of our candidates have 7+ years of work experience, 20% have between 4 and 6 years of experience, and 3% have 0 to 3 years of experience. 

When talking about the English level, most of the candidates have an advanced level (77% of the candidates hired), 19% are fluent and 3% have an intermediate level. And they all received this evaluation by doing our English Verification.

Do you want to know what most candidates who got a new international have in common? Pretty much all of them, 93%, had prep interview sessions with our team of consultants before being interviewed by the hiring company. Numbers don’t lie and the guidance VanHackers get has once again proved to be invaluable for their journey to their international career.

Learn more about prep interviews.

We are pleased about the diversity of our community: people from 47 countries worldwide get a job abroad with our help! We are working hard to help build a borderless world for tech talent.

What are the top job positions hired in 2021?

Last year, Fullstack developers were in high demand and became the most hired job position (49% of the candidates). Back-end and front-end development came in second and third with 15% and 11%, respectively. Although these were the most popular requirements, we helped professionals of 20+ areas of expertise in technology get hired abroad in 2021. 

One question that people ask is about the salary that they can expect when getting a job abroad. So we got the numbers. The highest annual salary in Europe was 117K euros. Talking about Canada, 200K CAD was the top one, and companies in the US had as highest salary 140K USD.


Our mission is to help talented tech professionals fulfill their dream of a job abroad. We worked hard in 2021 to overcome obstacles to the best of our abilities and keep assisting candidates and changing lives. Our team is very happy with what we achieved and so proud of our VanHackers who got hired! 

Are you ready to be the next one? Check vanhack.com/candidates and start your journey with us.


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