During the hiring process, candidates should expect to go through at least two different interviews but they could be looking at even three or four rounds of conversation with their potential employer. Being prepared for these situations is crucial so we offer VanHackers “Mock Interviews” to help them nail the real ones. Do you know what mock interviews are and how to use them to your benefit?  

Starting an international career imposes challenges even to the most experienced of candidates. We believe taking the interview prep sessions helps you navigate cultural differences, understand market specificities, and improve the way you present your strengths. Being this prepared will boost your confidence and help you have the right attitude and you will make a great impression on recruiters. 


What are mock interviews?

Aline Bicudo, our Interview Preparation Team Leader, says a “mock interview” is an “interview simulation with real-time feedback”. So what you get is a conversation with a specialist that will ask you all the most common questions you might face in an international job interview. The difference is that during the one-on-one practice session your answers will be analyzed and you will get guidance on how to improve your speech by strategically highlighting your most impactful achievements, which will increase your chances of meeting the company’s expectations, besides providing an overview of yourself as a professional. 

For every topic, an Interview Specialist just like Aline, will assist you in coming up with the best answer, figure out what are the most relevant points of your CV for that specific hiring process, and help you present your very best. You will also get a prep kit to study before the session.

A safe environment to practice, make mistakes, learn, and ask questions. That’s how Aline wants every VanHacker to think of the one-on-one interview practice session. 


Why is preparation so important? 

Knowing what to say beforehand helps you feel more confident and better equipped to give clear and concise answers. Being prepared will also save you from two major problems candidates face when going through an international hiring process:

  • Cultural differences: In some countries, it may be very common to introduce yourself by saying things like “I am 35 years old, I am married and I have two children”. Most international companies don’t need to know your personal information and are even prevented by law from asking you about them. Preparing for interviews will help you know what to say instead.
  • Market characteristic: Our hiring partners are usually looking for specialists while some countries may value people that can perform in multiple stacks. Once again, our Interview Specialists can guide you on how to best present your experience to match the company’s needs.

You can learn more about hiring interviews’ “do’s and dont’s” here.


Being prepared makes you more confident 

To present your best, most confident self, Aline recommends that you handle interviews just like business meetings. Aline says most companies are looking for candidates that show autonomy, ownership and leadership skills. So you want to take the interview as an opportunity to sell your case, talk about your accomplishments and explain how you can contribute to the company’s results. Taking one-on-one practice sessions and being prepared will make it a lot easier. 

Are you ready? See you at the next mock interview!

Learn more about how we can help you practice for interviews here.

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