Our interview preparation squad got together for an extraordinary talk at VanHackCON 2021. They explained every step on the candidate’s journey to a significant international job and how to maximize your chances of success in each one of them. So whether you are just starting as a VanHacker or if you want to improve your performance with us, this talk is for you. So let our fantastic team guide you to your dream International Job

This is what the average VanHack candidate’s journey looks like: 

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete onboard
  3. Submit your English verification
  4. Work on your code challenge
  5. Browser job board and apply
  6. VanHack recruiters review and shortlist 
  7. Fine-tune profile and connect with job
  8. Companies review and select for interview
  9. Practice with VanHack before the interview
  10. Interview confidently and make an impact
  11. Move to the final round
  12. Receive and negotiate and accept the offer
  13. Get hired and relocate

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Our team went through every item on the list to tell you exactly what they are and what they mean on your path to an international job. So let’s take a look at each one. Your guides on this journey will be:

Aline Bicudo – interview Preparation and Team Leader
Leandro Passos – interview advisor
Priscila Assumpção – interview advisor and facilitator
Marina Goes – interview advisor
Murilo Marques – software engineer
Alejandro Tumilasci – regional leader for infra operations
Anurag Srivastava – lead data scientist
Grayce Ferreira – software engineer
Santiago D’Avila – software architect

1 – Sign up

First things first, you sign up to VanHack and get an account on our platform. You can do this here: https://vanhack.com/candidates

2 – Complete onboard

The second step is completing your profile. Then, you need to go through the onboarding flow, fill out your profile, and add your primary and secondary skills. “They are the most important and mandatory information because they are your ticket to start to get noticed by our recruiters and to let our system identify your profile,” Aline Bicudo explains. 

3 – Submit your English verification

Then it’s time for verifying your English skills. Every candidate has to go through this step, even native speakers because the verification is a two-in-one deal. Leandro Passos explains why: “The English Verification is another key to unlock the job application phase. You are required to record three videos answering one common interview. That’s because many companies consider those videos as their primary screening. This means that it’s your opportunity to start selling your expertise even before speaking with a recruiter”. 

Take a look at these resources:
How does the English verification work at VanHack?
Hired VanHack talks about overcoming her fear of speaking English!

4 – Work on your code challenge

Taking the code challenges is a great way to boost your profile, show your skills and stand out. The challenges are tasks designed to prove the candidate’s programming abilities. We have dozens of different challenges available in 19 coding languages on our platform. Each takes between 2 to 6 hours to complete and is designed for candidates with 4+ experience. 

Find more about the code challenges here: Everything you need to know about code challenges 🚀

5 – Browser job board and apply

Once you have completed your profile, you are ready to search for the job that best suits your abilities and needs. 

6 – VanHack recruiters review and shortlist 

Candidates may not be aware of all the work behind the scenes on our platform. When your profile is completed, and you apply for positions, that’s when our team of experts springs into action. VanHackers have specialists on their side, boosting their search for jobs. Our consultants work hard to review applications, shortlist candidates, and recommend profiles to companies. 

7 – Fine-tune profile and connect with job

And then it happens that a candidate seems to be a good match for a job, and the company is about to see their profile. What next? When you are shortlisted, you want to sharpen your profile and make sure that you are presenting your best for that opportunity. Try to connect your experience to the job description, use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and activities on your former or current job, and use the STAR method to discuss solutions you came up with. 

Take a look at these resource:
How to use the STAR method like a pro!

8 – Companies review and select for interview

The hiring company will select some candidates among those shortlisted and recommended by our specialist to go on the selection process. The next step is the interviews. Usually, candidates go through at least two types of interviews: the technical one and the behaivoral or cultural fit one. 

9 – Practice with VanHack before the interview

You got invited for an interview with the company you applied for, so it’s time to get ready. Our platform will automatically send a message to enroll in one of our preparation sessions. Being interviewed for an international job may be scary, even more so if English is not your first language, but we are here to guide you through it. In 2021 alone, our amazing team helped over 400 VanHackers get hired. Anurag Srivastava says the main point of a successful interview is getting the recruiter to feel comfortable hiring the candidate or “indirectly conveying the message to the interviewer that if you hire me, you can relax, I’ll get the job done.” He says getting to that point seems straightforward enough, but it may get tricky since international companies have different belief systems and methods. With VanHack, you have the opportunity to practice both the technical and the cultural fit interviews with specialists that will give you feedback on how to improve your performance and make a good impression. 

Find valuable information here: What are mock interviews, and why are they so important?

10 – Interview confidently and make an impact and / 11 – Move to the final round

If you are well prepared, you will be invited to the following interviews and move along the hiring pipeline. The company will understand your skills and see a match between what you can offer and what they are looking for in a candidate.

12 – Receive and negotiate and accept the offer

You are almost at the end of this fantastic journey. You applied for jobs, improved your profile, went through many interviews, got through the final round and got an offer! That’s what VanHack is here to help you do.

13 – Get hired and relocate

After you get hired, our team will also help you navigate the relocating process. Our interview preparation team knows how hard it is to start an international career. We say, “looking for a job is a full-stack job. It takes a combination of several skills to accomplish each step”. So we are here to assist and guide you through it. 

Watch the entire talk here!

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