It’s one of those stories you wouldn’t believe if it hadn’t happened to you. We are thrilled to share this fantastic news with you: tech talent from Lebanon, Samer Sahih, broke our record of fastest hire ever! We posted the job opportunity on LinkedIn, and the hiring company contacted us the very next day to inform us that the job was filled. Our amazing VanHacker was hired in only around a day and a half and started working for his new job the following Monday! Wow! 

The position was for a software developer with skills in C# and Core and five years of experience. If this looks like you, make sure to check our job board. A similar opportunity may be waiting for you there. 

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Our record breaker got hired by a company in the United States for a fully remote job starting immediately. 


How Samer from Lebanon got hired in the US

Our technical recruiter, Beatriz Maranho, says this record-breaking hire happened because both the company and the candidate were engaged in the process and diligently followed all the steps. 

“The candidate applied for the vacancy and was soon chosen to participate in the selection process. It consisted of two stages, an initial interview, and a technical interview”, Beatriz says. “He was engaged from the start and responded quickly to both the company and me. The candidate had done a mock interview recently, which was exceptional. This preparation is essential for candidates, which certainly helped him land this position”.

When all this hard work met the perfect opportunity, the “magic” was ready to happen. “This position was what the candidate was looking for in the next step in his career. He also had the experience required by the company listed in his profile”, Beatriz explains.

Why is the Premium Academy a great option for tech talents

Why is Premium Academy a Great Option for Tech Talent?

Be the next one to land a job!

Do you think you can be the one to help us break this record? Ok, we will admit that the bar is now set high. But hey, you never know when the next amazing thing will happen, right? Anyway, you don’t need to get hired in a few hours to still make it to an outstanding international opportunity! If you are a skilled tech worker with 4+ years of experience and a dream to work abroad, we can help you prepare for the hiring process and connect you with our great network of partner companies.

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Helping women in tech 

Our job is to bridge the gap between growing companies and skilled professionals. We have been doing this for seven years and have helped over 1700 tech talents around the globe. Our next frontier now is to get more women among those who get hired with our help. To increase the number of female tech workers who land international jobs, we host regular hiring fairs, especially for women. We connect them to companies that want to hire female professionals. 

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