Female Programmers | According to research, girl and boys perform roughly at par in science and math in K–12.

As students pick specializations at later levels of education, the gender disparity in computer science begins to show itself.
A major misconception that fuels this is that computer sciences are a male preserve. Similarly, many young girls do not have a clear picture of women that build and enjoy successful careers in this field.
This is a great place to begin changing this narrative.

Meet Some Of History’s Most Brilliant Female Programmers

Women created some of the fundamental tech concepts we have today. Here are some of them.

Ada Lovelace

Lovelace is known as the first computer female programmers. This lady worked with Charles Babbage to map out a mechanical computer known as the Analytical Engine.

female Lovelace, a writer, and mathematician published the first algorithm intended to be used by the Analytical Engine.

These notes were later used to refine the concept and helped give us the computers we have today. In history books, Lovelace is in good company with other female programmers that emerged.

Katherine Johnson

Johnson was something of a genius. So brilliant was she as a young woman that she skipped several grades and landed in high school years ahead of schedule.

Johnson attained her Ph. D in mathematics. She then joined NACA, now known as NASA. Here, she would work with a team in developing foundational computations to enable the U.S. to send a man to space.

As John Glenn prepared to take the historic mission, he requested that Johnson test the computations manually. The calculations were computer-generated and were supposed to control the spacecraft trajectory.

She was so good at her job that Glenn would only take off after she approved the computations.

Hedy Lamarr

Lamarr is best known for her glamorous Hollywood roles. However, Hedy wore an entirely different hat as a programmer, where she was just as accomplished.

Lamarr had a passion for inventing and science. She worked on a communication system that would be foundational for Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

Her invention started as a radio guidance system. In World War II, her design was used to render underwater missiles detectible and to guide them.

Karen Spärck Jones

On the day you read this article, you and billions of others will have likely used your smartphone to access the internet. Just like you, few will give any thought to the people behind this convenience.

Well, you can credit Jones for being one of these people.

Jones worked on information retrieval systems. These allowed users to work with computers even without being from a tech background.

One of her accomplishments was conceiving the Inverse Document Frequency. The IDF outlined the number of times specific phrases appeared in a document to determine relevance and is among the creations that laid the groundwork for search engines as we know them today.

Edith Clarke

Clarke attended Vassar College before joining AT&T as a “human computer.”This was the phrase used to describe professionals hired to do math problems.

At the time, this had been the highest level a woman could reach. Not Clark, though.

She proceeded to MIT and became the first woman to earn an M.S. in electrical engineering. Despite this, no companies would hire a female developer or engineer at the time, so Clarke left the U.S. to teach at a college in Istanbul.

Clarke built and patented the Clarke computer. This device would be used to solve equations and transmit power through lines 250 meters and longer.

Elizabeth Feinler

Feinler headed the Network Information Centre in California. The NIC served essentially as an extensive information resource that published resourcesto be used for the internet.

Feinler also served with a group that created domain names like .edu, .com, .gov, and .net.

The pioneer scientist also held a leadership role and served as the Network Information Systems Network Director at Stanford Research Institute.

Newer Entrants That Have Made Significant Strides

The above female pioneers made significant steps to map out the programming field and lay the foundation for later advancements.

In recent years, other remarkable women have made their mark in the field as well. Here is a snapshot of some of these.

Julia Grace

Grace has a software engineer job and works at Slack. She sits at the helm of Apple as the Director of Engineering.

This is a far cry from decades back when pioneers like Edith Clarke could only be hired as human computers.

Marissa Mayer

While her name is often linked to Yahoo, a powerhouse in its own right, Mayer has accomplished much more in her career.

Mayer is also known for her work as a coder and programmer and is well-known in tech circles worldwide.

Mayer worked at Google as one of its premier employees. Here, she was its first female engineer and contributed significantly to building Gmail, Google News, and Google Maps.

Amy Hoy

Stacking the Bricks and Freckle are some of Amy’s handiwork in tech. Her work is highly resourceful to budding female programmers and coders.

Aside from having a brilliant tech mind, Amy has a knack for business.

One of the most common challenges faced by start-ups is financing. This often sends entrepreneurs in the direction of venture capitalists and other financiers.

Hoy offers excellent advice for start-ups keen on bootstrapping their ventures.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mushtaq leads the pack as the first woman from Kashmir to develop an Android App. Her App—Dial Kashmir—is a directory that compiles businesses, prayer timings, and other listings to make life easier.

This aside, this remarkable lady is an ardent writer with several publications to her name.

Lyndsey Scott

Scott is the modern-day Hedy Lamarr. Scott has found a way to merge her passions and perform well at all of them.

Scott is an international model, actress, and developer. Off-screen, Scott trades her high heels, and high fashion looks to deliver programming IOS apps for her clients.

Nicole Eagan

Eagan has 25years of experience working at H.P., Oracle, Peregrine Systems, and Quest Software.

With her forte being in cybersecurity systems, Eagan has earned a name in A.I. security systems.

Eagan has also founded her own security firm that is a force to be reckoned with.

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