Let’s celebrate together. Our worldwide community of fantastic tech talents has reached 400k members! You make us better every day, and we are over the moon to reach this milestone. Every VanHacker is proof that dreams have no borders and that there are no limits to what we can accomplish when we work together. Thank you all so very much.

Are you a tech talent who wants to work and live abroad? Join us and get access to our resources, preparation classes, and connection to hiring companies, not to mention the best team in the world! Training and hiring specialists who are ready to understand your career path and prepare you for the next step.

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Our services are 100% free for VanHackers. We get paid by companies to connect them with the best professionals for their jobs. When you join us, you get:

  • Free resources: We published over 90 educational blog posts last quarter alone.
  • Free hiring process: We connect you with hiring companies from all over the world and help you find the best fit for you.
  • Free preparation: Our team offers preparation for technical and cultural interviews, profile analysis, and more.
  • Free immigration support: We help you relocate. Your family and pets as well.
  • Free Tech Salary Calculator: We created an online tool that allows you to learn more about average pay for different industries and positions in tech.

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More to come

We are also proud of the VanHack Academy, and we can’t wait to spread the word about the very exciting news that is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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We keep our job board updated every day. We have posted 1,173 new jobs in the first semester of 2022 alone. If you want to be the next one hired, here is what you need to do to join our platform and start applying:

  • Complete on boarding: Fill in your information thoroughly. Make sure to add primary and secondary skills and to provide data about all your career accomplishments.
  • Submit English Verification: Verifying your English is a mandatory step. Before you can apply for a job, record and upload the verification videos. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be fluent to be verified.
  • Jump into some code challenges: Many companies like candidates to perform some coding tasks that showcase their skills. We provide them for you for free.

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Get inspired by other VanHacker

The hiring process takes time and hard work. It helps to know other people who have done it and succeeded. We are very proud of all our community has accomplished so far. You are amazing! Sometimes it’s even hard to keep up, but we try to publish as many success cases as possible. 

We recently met with Larissa and Diego, two software developers from Brazil, and asked them about working in Canada. They told us about their experiences living and working in Calgary, Canada, and shared some tips and advice for anyone interested in an international career.  

Get inspired by Larissa and Diego’s story! 


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Sanchit Sharma is another VanHacker hired. He is a senior frontend engineer from India who is now working in Vancouver, Canada. If you talk to Sanchit, you will notice his enthusiasm and energy. But don’t get fooled by his easy-going disposition. Determination is the name of the game for our guy. We chatted with him, and he talked about his experience while also sharing essential tips for other tech professionals looking to move and change their lives.

Get inspired by Sanchit’s story! 


Iyk Azorji is a VanHacker full-stack developer from Nigeria. He got curious about getting hired abroad after he came across one of your videos “I was just in search of a job, and I saw a video on YouTube about a Ghanian who got a relocation job or a relocation opportunity to Germany from VanHack. And I saw that video on YouTube, and it was pretty interesting”. He is currently working for a startup based in Vancouver, Canada.

Learn how Iyk got hired!

How Iyk from Nigeria got hired in Canada


VanHacker, you have accomplished so much in 2022

Reaching the 400k mark is not the only reason to celebrate. This year has been amazing so far, and we are very proud of all the hard work you’ve put in. Over 2K VanHackers have taken interview preparation classes, 6k+ have sent their English Verification videos, and 7k+ have joined us through the Referral Program.


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