VanHacker explain how she got through the toughest parts of the hiring process

Rosalba’s enthusiasm and positive energy are hard to miss. She is a Full Stack engineer from Cuba who talks about her journey to a job in Canada between laughs and in a nice Spanish accent. Rosy has been working in IT for the last 12 years and lives in Montevideo, Uruguay. She landed another step on her international career by being very diligent about VanHack activities and being stronger than her fears. Rosalba faced the challenge headfirst and went for it. 

“My story started last January when a friend of mine here in Uruguay got a job in Canada and told me about VanHack. I just felt good about it, so I completed the application and all the assignments in the first week. I wasn’t sure it was going to work but I found many videos on YouTube with a lot of success stories, so I got motivated and kept on pushing”.


How hard were the English verification videos?

When things don’t go as planned, resilience is in order. Like so many VanHackers, Rosy was nervous about the English verification videos but she says following the instructions on the platform helped her know she was on the right path. “The website is very clear about what you need to do in the videos and how to prepare for that. What I did was I read all the descriptions on the site and prepared by talking about myself following the same structure you are given. English is not my first language so first I wrote down what I needed to say in each video, and I practiced my pronunciation. It took me an hour and a half, maybe two hours because I didn’t like how the first recording came out, so I had to record many times.”


“Don’t be afraid”

When you are not a native English speaker you can’t escape sometimes mispronouncing a word or forgetting how to say something. Rosalba wants you to know it’s ok. Perfection is not the goal. “Being prepared for different types of interviews helped a lot. I think one great piece of advice is to not be afraid to speak in English. I know that English is not the first language for many of the people who apply through VanHack but the employers are really nice people so if you make a mistake, it’s ok, that is not your first language. Be prepared to talk about your resume and VanHack helps with the structure.”

Rosy wants more people to achieve their dreams of working abroad. Since she got her job, she is recommending VanHack to her friends. “I started talking to a lot of other women who are software engineers like me about VanHack and I shared the platform, I gave them tips”. And if that’s not enough, Rosalba has a final message of encouragement. “If you want you can come to my house to record the videos!”

Feeling inspired yet?

You can hear Rosalba’s story on the VanHack Podcast:

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