Agreeable. Neuroticism. Conscientiousness. Extraversion. Openness. Have you ever taken a step back to acknowledge who you really are as a person? The things that make you tick, the environment you thrive in and the type of career you’re in can all be impacted by your personality type. Choose the wrong one that clashes with your personality and there’s every chance you won’t reap the rewards, such as salary increases, promotions or being happy in general.

If you’re unsure about what your personality is, you can take a personality test. These tests are brilliant ways to dive into different aspects of yourself, where you’ll find out more about who you are and peel away the layers you didn’t know existed. By completing a personality test, you’ll become more self-aware and help reveal answers you couldn’t ever deduce yourself.

There are plenty of personality tests available for you to complete. Some will offer a generic personality type while others dive deeper, such as possible career paths that would work well for your personality type. Whether they’re multiple choice questions or inkblot visuals, here are the 14 best personality tests you can complete to help you discover yourself.

1. 16 Personalities

16 Personalities is a test based on the study of psychological traits by Carl Gustav Jung. It covers five broad personalities, including identity, tactics, mind, energy and nature, with a deeper look at introversion vs extroversion, along with the Myers-Briggs test. This is a popular personality theory, helping you determine who you are.

At its core, the 16 Personalities test will uncover how you communicate with those around you in your personal and professional life. It’ll also make you understand what you value, what you want to achieve in life and what your decision-making process is like. Over 126 million people have already completed a 16 Personalities assessment to help them discover themselves, so this is one to consider.

2. Empathy Quotient

Empathy Quotient was developed by Simon Baron-Cohen at the Autism Research Center at the University of Cambridge and has been designed to clinically asses you, unlike most other personality tests. This personality test takes inspiration from mental health professionals by using emotional measurements used to diagnose social impairment. When completing this assessment, you’ll have to answer 60 questions with the aim of measuring temperamental empathy. 

3. Personality Perfect

Personality Perfect is a personality test similar to 16 Personalities, as it’s based on Myers-Briggs’ personality theories. Here, Personality Perfect dives into four different categories, including:

  • Judging and perceiving
  • Extroversion and introversion
  • Thinking and feeling
  • Sensing and intuition

This is another one of the personality tests that leaves you with a four-letter abbreviation of your personality type. It showcases an overview of how you generally connect with other people, what your behavior is like and how others are likely to perceive you.

4. VeryWellMind

What tends to put people off from completing a personality test is that they’re often too long and, eventually, you’d lose interest. VeryWellMind is a great option if you’re short on time, as you only have to answer 10 questions before you get your answers. It isn’t the most scientific of personality tests, but it does offer educational content catered to your scores.

5. Sconzi test

Developed in 1935, the Sconzi test is more of a visual personality test where you’re shown a series of portrait photos representing people at various perceived mental stages and characteristics. This includes sad, depressive, epileptic and more. Here, you’d have to pick which one you consider to be the most appealing and also the most repulsive. Your choices are then analyzed, which gives an insight into your personality, such as what you’re afraid of and any feelings you repress.

6. Caliper profile

The Caliper profile test is one employers use a lot to assess current and possible employees. If you’re searching for a job, this personality test could be a good one to add to your list. It features 180 multiple choice questions and measures your professional performance potential by looking at your intrinsic motivation. It’s used in several professional scenarios, such as working as an individual, in a team and in recruitment. Employers do this o they can easily match people to the relevant job based on their personality to boost productivity.

7. Human Metrics

Human Metrics puts a fun spin on a personality test while still helping you discover more about yourself. It’s based on the Myers-Briggs theory so you’ll receive a four-letter acronym, along with information on which famous celebrities share your personality type. Along with this, you’ll gain insight into which career paths are best suited to you and your personality type. So if you’re at a crossroads and don’t know what to explore, this test can help you.

8. TestColor

If you want a proven personality test validated by a team of mathematicians, psychoanalysts and psychologists, look no further than TestColor. You’ll only need to answer two questions, which are:

  • Click on the colors you like the most
  • Click on the colors you like the least

This personality gives you insight into your emotional intelligence, imagination and creativity, work style, social skills, management and organization.

9. DiSC

First introduced in 1940, DiSC features 18 questions you need to answer by choosing a word that best describes you the most and one that describes you the least for every question. Depending on your answer, the DiSC personality test measures your conscientiousness, steadiness, influence and dominance. It’s another used in a work setting, proven to be helpful in sales, management, leadership, customer communication and conflict resolution training.


TestQ will ask you 38 multiple choice questions to analyze your skills, your ideal employer and the way you work. Created by PhDs, you’ll learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, along with some careers that will best suit you. It’ll also highlight skills you can learn to go further in your current career.

11. Sokanu

Sokanu is a personality test some major companies use, ranging from NYU to General Assembly. It’s a career assessment test that looks at your personality, goals, interests and background to help you identify the perfect career path. When you complete the assessment, you’ll receive several matches, allowing you to work through different workplaces and careers before finding the right choice.

12. Berkeley Emotional Intelligence

The Berkely Emotional Intelligence test will show you 20 different pictures so you can recognize the facial expression in each. It’s a much quicker, easier and fun type of test, but is still quite informative as you’ll learn how you read the emotions of others. If you’re in a position where you need to manage conflict, this is essential.

13. Keirsey Temperament Sorter

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is a questionnaire that’ll assess your personality using four different temperament types, including:

  • Rational
  • Guardian
  • Idealist
  • Artisan

Each temperament type is then separated into two categories and a further two variants. The end result? 16 total personality types, linking with the 16 Personalities test.

14. 123Test

123Test is another DiSC type personality test and you can complete it in as little as five minutes. By completing this assessment, you’ll receive a score where DiSC factors predict your behavior towards other people. What’s also great about this test is it offers vital information on why you might get along better with one person over another and why you might not get on with some people compared to others.

123Test will also analyze how you the actions of others, such as being sensitive to blunt responses, with the aim of helping improve your work relationships.

Best Personality

These 14 personality tests are just a handful of the tests you can complete. Yes, while the majority aren’t science backed and borderline unreliable, they do provide astute, psychology based insights into how you behave, what your ambitions are and how temperamental you are when conflict arises.

By completing a personality test to help you discover yourself, you’ll receive thought-provoking answers where you’ll learn why you make the decisions you do, why you work well with certain people and how you can switch your attitude towards those that have different personalities from you, both professionally and personally.

Before applying for your next role and when you have some time, take a personality test to explore aspects about yourself. They’ll also unlock the doors to possible career paths, so you’re bound to learn something or even have a lightbulb moment to help you enter an industry you’re quietly passionate about.

Another way you can boost your chances of landing your dream role after completing a personality test is by completing a profile on VanHack. You can set up an engaging profile and film some videos so prospective employers can get to know the real you — the person behind the profile.

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