Relocating while juggling life: how Irla got hired

Sometimes life presents us with one tiny thing that messes up all our plans. Sometimes it’s the other way around, something as unpretentious as a tip from a friend suddenly makes everything fall into place again. The story of Brazilian software engineer Irla with VanHack had two of these moments. Amid laughs, she recounted her saga to our CEO Ilya Brotzky in yet another episode of the VanHack Podcast.

Here on the blog, we want to show you the highlights of their conversation and talk about the two main elements that completely transformed Irla’s trajectory: the birth of her baby and her participation in VanHack Leap. It all started in 2017, well, kind of… 


The first try didn’t go as planned

Irla and her husband began thinking about moving to Canada back in 2012 after participating in a seminar about the province of Quebec. “We got really hyped and decided to move. We started studying French and preparing everything”. But then a happy surprise made them change plans, they found out they were expecting a baby.  

For Irla, the new path was clear. Press the “pause” button on the Canada idea and wait until her child was a bit older to start planning again.


Going for Plan B

Fast forward the story to some years later. In 2017, Irla and her family, now a bit bigger with a four-year-old, began preparations once again. This time the destinations had changed and they were headed to the US. “My husband went to do his associate’s degree in software development in Utah. We got the student visa and we had this whole plan already set to go”. 

Irla was chatting to a friend about her family moving when he told her about VanHack. She didn’t pay much attention at the time. “I’m like, okay, that’s really nice. I’ll just write it down and look into this later”. Eventually “later” happened.


After living in the US, it was time to try Canada once again

Fast forward the story one more time, to 2019. Now Irla’s husband is finishing his degree and the family had to decide what the next step was going to be. “He said, you know what, we should try VanHack and I said ‘yeah, let’s do that’”.

Irla subscribed to our platform and completed her code verification and English test. Some days later, she got an interview with a VanHack specialist. Not long after that, Irla was selected to participate in one of our hiring events, VanHack Leap. The story was about to get another important chapter.


How VanHack Leap helped

“Magical” is how Irla describes her experience in the VanHack Leap event. 

VanHack Leap is an in-person event held across cities in Canada and Europe where companies looking to hire senior tech talent can meet 30-50 top developers – who’ve flown in from all over the world – interview and hire them!

Before the “magic” happened, though, Irla recalls many days of intense preparation. “I went through a lot of stuff. I had mock interviews, courses, and one-on-one sessions. I got the list of the companies that would join the event and had help studying their cultures and my resume to match the job description”.

She was eventually hired by one of the companies she talked to at the Leap event and is now living in Toronto with her family. We are happy to have been part of such an amazing story!

Does your plan for an international career include a family? Maybe also small children? We are here to help.

You can hear more about Irla’s story here:

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