A great number of hired VanHackers come from Nigeria. Together with Brazil and India, the African country is one of the three most popular nationalities on our platform. So, are you a Nigerian tech talent who wants to start an international career? We have selected some success cases from Nigerians who were hired in Canada to inspire you and help you plan your job search.

Moving abroad for a richer work experience was always a dream for Sarah. She is a Frontend Engineer from Nigeria who is now living in Stockholm, Sweden, after being part of a Virtual Hiring Event at VanHack. The hiring process was long and demanding. Sarah went to a series of technical and cultural interviews, having had talks with even both the CEO and the CFO of the company. The engineer recalls the happiness and gratitude she felt when she finally got the offer.

“I was very happy that my efforts paid off and I was very grateful to VanHack for giving me this opportunity”. 

Her advice to other candidates is to prepare diligently. “Don’t leave anything to chance. Prepare for every single interview. Have a note with every possible question and what you can answer. Do your part, make an effort”.

Sarah’s hard work did not end when she got the job. After some research, she realized she could ask for more so they had a round of salary negotiations that resulted in an above-average paycheck. 

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More Nigerians Hired in Canada

Susan is another of our tech talents from Nigeria who got hired and is now living in Canada. who benefited from a VanHack hiring event. She is a Full Stack developer and was looking for an international job to advance her career and learn more. “I wanted to be in a place where there’s a stronger Tech Community”, she explains. 

Before joining VanHack, Sarah was having a hard time applying for jobs abroad. Things changed after a hiring event. “We had the opportunity to meet with the companies and we were able to present ourselves and talk about the experience that we have in one-on-one [conversations], and it [the hiring process] was much faster”.

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Improving his and his family’s life was a priority to senior software engineer Evaristus. In 2018, that goal started to shape an international career when he and his wife decided they wanted to raise their daughter in a more inclusive environment. Canada was the couple’s first option and a friend recommended VanHack. “You have to be consistent and you have to follow VanHack’s team recommendations”, Evaristus says confidently. “I wrote a profile on my own and I was not getting interviews. After I transformed my profile using the template VanHack gave me, I started getting interviews”. A job offer followed after some time.

Evaristus’ wife was the first to know about the news. She heard him scream and jump around in the next room. “It is an awesome experience to know your dream has come true”, he celebrates.  

You can hear Evaritus’ story on our podcast – 

From Nigeria to the world

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