Alla Pavlova is tech recruiter with great experience in finding and recommending candidates for tech companies, mostly on the international game market. We had an amazing chat with her about her methods. So here are Pavlova’s valuable insider tips on how to make your profile visible to recruiters.

She starts by making it very clear that she looks for candidates everywhere. It would be a very easy job to just browse LinkedIn or search people over GitHub, right? That’s not the case at all. Pavlova pays attention to who is interacting on Telegram, who takes part in seminars, tech talents writing articles on Medium and so on. “I look everywhere, every social media possible”.

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Making your profile visible to recruiters on Twitter

First of, Twitter! Yes, tech recruiters will find you on the blue bird network if you use the right words. “I will use advanced search to look for software engineers by key words. The way we find you is mostly by your bio. So we can send you a personal note if you are posting about some news or supporting a group or going to conferences”, Pavlova explains. So the first tip here is, make sure to add your credentials to your Twitter bio. Try to describe what you do in easy common terms. Use words like: software engineer, software developer, programmer or coder. Second step is to add more detail using hashtags like #gamer or #IOS.

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How to make your profile stand out on LinkedIn

“Recruiters spend quite a lot of time reading summaries”, Pavlova says, so make sure yours accurately portrays who you are and what you are looking for. “This is where you communicate with us and tells us what industry you are interested in, what is your experience and your skills, such as languages and operational systems”.

Since LinkedIn allows for detailed searches, fill in all your information in the profile. Even if you have talked about your skills in the summary, add then on the “skills” session too and complete the LinkedIn Skill Assessment. Recruiters will probably filter their search by them so you want to your profile to come up. Adding projects, certifications and volunteer work will also help recruiters find you by your skills.

If you participate in conferences, let the world know about it by posting and using hashtags. Important events usually have popular hashtags that recruiters can search and find on LinkedIn.

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Are you open for work? Tell us

LinkedIn even has a “stamp” that you add to your profile picture when you select the “open to work” option. On the other side of the hiring process, recruiters can filter their search to only show candidates who are currently looking for a position. If you don’t wish to be a bit more discreet, no problem. Pavlova suggests you add this information to you summary. Just saying “open to work” is enough. And while you at it, make sure to add “interested in relocating to…” to your profile as well.

Pro tip: recruiters can filter candidates that follow their companies on LinkedIn. So if you want to work for, say, Canadian tech giant Shopify, make sure you are following them on social media right now.

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Making your profile visible to recruiters on GitHub

Only having private projects keeps some software developers from starting an account on GitHub. It’s common to have restrictions on what kind of work you can post on an online repository since a lot of companies don’t allow that. Pavlova says that, even if most of your current code portfolio is confidential you should still open a profile on GitHub. “It’s ok if you don’t have a repo. You can explain that in your profile”, she explains.

With or without a repository, a GitHub profile is still a good way to be found online by recruiters. Just make sure to add every other relevant information about you such as: a good bio/summary, skills, and interests. Also, use the “star” function to follow other profiles over there. Don’t forget to keep yourself active in the community and every contribution you have make like speaking on events, for example.

Help others

If you need a little push to publish your ideas online, here it comes: Pavlova says recruiters pay attention to how active candidates are on platforms such as Medium or even Goodreads. Writing articles or book reviews are a great way to be an active part of the tech community and companies notice that. “A Medium post is something that I can show hiring managers and say ‘Hey, this person has really nice publications’. And it’s amazing that you do that because you are contributing to someone who is maybe more junior and is learning from you, and you are also making yourself more visible”.

Take part on communities

Find people and groups that are discussing relevant topics and take part on the conversation. Recruiters pay attention to who is always learning and contributing to their industry. You don’t have to be everywhere. Discover groups that talk about the issues that interest you the most and focus on them. Pavlova suggests some communities where you can find your crowd:

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