VanHack Aims to Connect Employers with 100’s of Ukrainian Developers Seeking Remote Work or Relocation Opportunities


March 2nd, 2022 – In an ongoing commitment to help tech professionals get hired remotely, VanHack, a global leader in tech recruitment, is announcing that it will be waiving its placement fee for all Ukrainian tech hires. The tech recruitment company is also encouraging employers to donate to verified Ukrainian-based charities in lieu of its placement fee. 

“It’s incredible to see an outpour of support from our global community, and since last week 62 employers have already connected to find out how they can help and hire Ukrainian talent looking for remote and relocation opportunities,” said Ilya Brotzky, CEO, VanHack.

Over the past 6 years, VanHack has helped employers hire over 1,500 tech talent and has a strong community of 700 Ukrainian tech professionals. 

And as more countries are expediting visa processing for Ukrainian nationals, VanHack’s global mobility team is equipped to support Ukrainian tech talent by offering emergency immigration and relocation services for candidates, as well as additional financial and logistical assistance through its partners.

VanHack has also set up additional tools and resources to connect employers with Ukrainian developers looking to get hired remotely or safely relocated while taking into careful consideration restrictions inhibiting global mobility for different groups.

👉 VanHack’s Ukraine Talent Hub: A centralized hub for employers to directly connect and hire Ukrainian men and women developers, and promote and post open roles.


“We’re in the middle of a humanitarian crisis, and the top concern at this sensitive time is to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of the people of Ukraine, and surrounding regions while offering our support where we can.  Being in the global tech hiring space, VanHack is uniquely positioned to help improve the lives of many Ukrainian tech professionals and we hope through the collective efforts with employers, will lead to as many lives changed as possible,” adds Ilya Brotzky, CEO at VanHack. 

Employers looking to help and hire impacted Ukraine tech talent can reach out to the VanHack team to get connected.

About VanHack

Founded in 2015, VanHack is a leading provider of technology recruitment in North America and Europe. VanHack helps companies grow faster by providing them access to qualified, pre-vetted 300K+  tech professionals who are ready to relocate or work remotely to help them achieve their company’s goals.


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