[Last Updated: April 21, 2022]

It’s heartbreaking to see how events have unfolded recently in Eastern Europe.  Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, has declared a full-scale war on Ukraine.  Invasions by the Russian military have been launched against Ukraine in the form of artillery, tanks, troops, ballistic missiles, shells and airstrikes.  

Apart from strategic bases, Ukrainian cities and civilians are also in danger as the attacks hit close to home.  While tens of thousands are trying to flee, many Ukrainians are also prepared to stay and fight for their country.

As global citizens, how can we help the people of Ukraine?  

It may be difficult to physically travel to Ukraine and help (all civilian flights over Ukraine and the surrounding areas are restricted) – but there are a few practical things we can do. 

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1.General Information & Resources

Best Practices for Engaging with Ukrainian Talent: Do’s and Don’ts

A roundup of helpful Do’s and Don’ts when engaging and hiring directly from VanHack’s Ukrainian community.


Past Webinars & Related Resources:

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Resources from Canada/Germany
  • Berlin’s Information for Refugees from Ukraine
  • Announcements of immigration policies related to Ukraine nationals – Join Slack group for Canada Tech Group, hosted by CCI
  • To contact GoC with your questions, the government of Canada is prioritizing Ukrainian-related immigration questions
    • Use this web form
    • In the “Tell us about your situation” box, describe your situation, including what you need help with
    • Add the keyword UKRAINE2022 at the end of your description


2. Donate to reputable organizations

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is urging the international community for assistance in defense support and protection against the Russian invasions. 

Here is a list of impactful organizations that we can donate to:

Supporting the Military

Medical Supplies & Humanitarian Aid

Helping Affected Children


3. Select your media sources carefully

Be skeptical about where you are getting your news source.  According to disinformation experts, Russia has started and will ramp up their efforts to spread propaganda and false narratives on its invasion of Ukraine.

The Kyiv Independent is a local English publication working hard to report news and facts on the ground.  Support them through Patreon and GoFundMe.

UkraineWorld is an independent English-language multimedia project about Ukraine run by Internews Ukraine. They produce articles, podcasts, video explainers, analyses, and books about Ukraine in English.  Support them through Patreon

They also publish a live update of anti-Western and anti-democracy disinformation spread by Russian and Ukrainian opinion leaders. 


4. Educate yourself

Read up on the historical context of the political issues between Ukraine and Russia that’s led to the events today.  Here are a few resources:


5. Hire developers from Ukraine

*Update: VanHack will be waiving placement fees on all Ukraine hires.  Employers also have the option to donate a portion of the fees to a verified charity of their choice. 


If you are an employer looking to hire software developers, now is the time to prioritize helping those from Ukraine.  

Ukraine ranks 5th in the world for best developers according to a SkillValue report (2019) that looks at best programmers by country.  Speak with our VanHack team (schedule a call with us here) to see how you can meet with and hire Ukrainian developers in our talent pool.

See here for all of our Ukrainian candidates.

Currently, Ukrainian males between the ages of 18-60 are temporarily prohibited from leaving the country, so it may take some time for relocation jobs for this demographic – but with a borderless world, hiring male Ukrainian developers for remote-start-first jobs is always a great way to help. Don’t forget the talented female Ukrainian developers as well.


6. Stay up to date on global mobility issues for Ukraine

As the situation evolves, check back here for regular updates on immigration and global mobility issues on helping Ukraine.


As global citizens, we can all do our part, no matter how small, to help those in desperate need in Ukraine.  

The team at VanHack will also be continuing to do our part, by prioritizing the wellbeing and assistance of our Ukrainian VanHackers – such as actively reaching out to them, understanding their needs, providing them with extra support during the hiring process, facilitating the expedition of immigration applications with government bodies, and other avenues as opportunities arise. 





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