We like to move fast at VanHack and remove all the friction from you being able to find, interview and hire the best possible candidates for your roles. 

In fact, 80% of VanHackers Hired candidates apply for the job within 30 minutes of it being posted. 🤯

The part that takes the longest time is typically the interview process as you have to navigate through scheduling interviews in different timezones, configuring calendars and rescheduling interviews if something comes up. 

With this in mind, we’ve redesigned the entire VanHack Employer experience so you can move through the interview process as fast as possible and never lose out on your next great teammate.

Here’s a quick summary of all the upgrades followed by a detailed overview of each feature below.

  • New Jobs Dashboard View
  • Easier Calendar Integration & Recurring Interview Slots
  •  1 Click Interview Scheduling & Quick  Interview Rescheduling or Cancelling
  • Keyword Search & Advanced Filters to pinpoint the perfect candidate quickly
  • Company Profile & Invite Team member to collaborate faster with your team
  • Feedback submission form added to Top Menu

Here are some highlights: 

Jobs Dashboard


Your Jobs Dashboard is now much cleaner with the “Post a Job” button being moved to this view. Also we moved your metrics to the right side and improved the icons to make things more clear.

Also, you can also quickly see how many candidates are in each stage of the interview process on each job card. To see your candidates, just click into any of the job cards.

Easier Calendar Integration


We’ve separated the Calendar feature into another own tab for easier management. Just click on the “Calendar” tab to connect your calendar to VanHack and add your interview availability.


All you have to do is connect your Google or Office calendar in a few clicks to be able to integrate your calendar and have candidates book interviews with you quickly and to avoid double bookings.


Recurring Interview Slots


You can now also add Recurring time slots to your calendar so you just have to add this once and have it set for each week going forward. Easy, peasy!


Candidate Skills on Profile Cards


You’ll now be able to see which of the matching skills a candidate has without needing to click into their profile.


Keyword Search & Advanced Filters

We’ve improved our search feature inside the Interview Pipeline also! You can now use the top search bar to search by keyword across all candidates. You can also use the Filters option on the top menu to filter by skills, current geographic location, language spoken and more.


Detailed Candidate View 


We’ve redesigned the candidate profile view to make it easier for you to watch their introduction videos, view their resume, salary expectations, visa status, start date and many more important details.


The VanHacker profile is very complete showing Intro Videos, Resume, Social Profiles, Coding Tests, Salary Expectations, Education, Certifications, Notice Period and even Side Projects.


You can also add Comments about the candidate in the “Comments” tab. This information will only be shared with your team and with your VanHack Talent Manager.


1 Click Interview Scheduling

Now that you’ve connected your calendar and added time slots, you can quickly book interview with just 1 click by clicking on the blue Interview button on the bottom left of the candidate card!

Reschedule & Cancel Interviews

You’ll also be able to see the interview status and reschedule or cancel interviews right from inside the candidate card. Say goodbye to back and forth emails with your talent manager! 



Company Profile & Invite Team Members 


Each VanHack Hiring Partner will now have a Company Profile where you can add your company information and invite team members.


Submitting Feedback

Your feedback is important to us! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your user experience with our platform, please submit your feedback by clicking on the? icon on the top menu.


Thanks so much for being a part of VanHack! We’re excited to help you build an even more incredible tech team.


Team VanHack

PS: These features will also be available on the VanHack ATS!

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