Making dreams come true is not an easy task; this requires a lot of preparation and discipline. Giuliano Oliveira is a software developer from Brazil hired to work in Canada. His journey makes us smile because we know how hard he worked for this new life that is now a reality. Check out how he did it and get extra inspired to be the next one hired. 

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Guiliano was an active VanHack Premium Academy member. He joined after realizing the need to improve his English skills. Soon our success case was participating in all classes, learning about behavior, technical topics, market trends, interview process and tools, English, etc. Until he made it, he landed his dream job. 

Moving abroad for better opportunities

After working with technology for over 15 years and reaching a top position as CTO for a tech start-up in Brazil, Guiliano decided it was time to fly higher. “I realized that I would be happy if I could use modern software solutions to impact people’s lives. And I also realized that the top markets in the world would provide me this opportunity at a global scale”, he explains.

How VanHack helped this Brazilian software developer get hired in Canada

Dreams are built from hard work, and there is no other way around it. Things were not different for Guiliano. “I stayed with VanHack Premium learning about behavior interviews, technical topics, market trends, the interview process, tools, etc. I also used a lot of resources provided by VanHack, like podcasts, courses, and events. Joining VanHack Premium Academy was the best decision”. 

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How the Interview Practice can help you land a job abroad

Finally getting the good news

After so much dedication and having submitted around 200 applications, his ideal job finally came up, and he says he could tell he was close to making it because of how well the HR interview went. “The most important aspect, I believe, was that I had seen it before; there was nothing new for me. I have learned about cultural fit interviews during classes at the Premium Academy. It made all the difference for me”. 

Guiliano was hired as a software developer in Canada by a great company, and we are very proud of him!


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