Anjaly applied for 400+ jobs and is now hired and ready to relocate! Here’s what you can learn from her about landing an international job!

A Fullstack developer from India, Anjaly Jacob recalls how her first day as part of the VanHack community left her “depressed.” She took part in a challenge for a coding language she didn’t know well, and the results were not good. Fast forward to some months later, and she is getting so much out of VanHack’s Premium Academy she once got 20 job interview invitations in one single day!

Turning things around so amazingly took Anjaly a lot of persistence, dedication, and hardwork. She kept improving herself, tweaking her profile, and applying to opportunities pretty much every day. Little by little, she became VanHack’s record-breaker with 486 applications! It all worked out great, and Anjaly is now hired and getting ready to relocate to Canada.

Watch Anjaly and Fabricio webinar HERE. Both were former Premium Academy students.


Here is how her story can help you become the next VanHacker to land an international job:

Lesson 1: Do not give up

Anjaly was not planning on breaking any records, she was just dedicated to her goal and not interested in giving up. “I didn’t keep track, I just applied every day”, Anjaly says with a smile. Maybe application number 485 didn’t work out, but you never know if try number 486 will be the one.

Lesson 2: Know your strengths

When faced with a result she was unhappy with, Anjaly found a workaround and focused on another coding language. For this second challenge, she got an almost perfect score of 99%. So a second lesson right there: know your strengths and play them to your advantage. 

Lesson 3: Work on yourself

Anjaly started planning to move to Canada two years ago and at first, she did not get enough Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to get selected to the pool. The Canadian government uses the CRS to assess skilled immigrants on their education, language ability, work experience, and other factors. Being a true go-getter, Anjaly worked hard during the pandemic to improve her education and English skills and move up the system. Watch Anjaly Jacob’s talk on VanHack Con 2021.

Lesson 4: Showcase your talents

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: do not be shy. Recruiters want to know what you can do and what kind of problems you can solve, so make sure you present your best and showcase your talents. Through her many tries, Anjaly kept improving her VanHack profile and adjusting her resume to each opportunity. “I updated my profile and added the keywords on the job description I was applying to. I kept updating my profile every day. You need to showcase more things, the things you are learning”, she explains.

Lesson 5: Find help

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Our consultants are here to assist you in building your profile, showcasing your skills, understanding and using your strengths and more. Anjaly was part of VanHack’s Premium Academy and she describes the help she got from our consultants as “very helpful”. Even with some schedule issues, she ended up getting crucial assistance, especially for the job interviews. “I joined Premium Academy for three months. I couldn’t attend sessions every day because of my working hours, so I attended some of them. VanHack created a screening test that helped show my technical skills and I had mock interviews. They helped me correct some of the mistakes I was making in my answers”.

Are you ready to get an international job?

If you haven’t applied to 400 opportunities yet, we think you are not ready to give up. But, even if you are having a hard time right now, we’d like you to feel encouraged to keep working on your dream of an international career. So tell us, how can we help you today?

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