How to apply to the Global Talent Stream

Why you should use the Global Talent Stream to hire tech talent

You need to hire top tech talent quickly. You want developers who can create magic for your company with RoR, JS, Java, Javascript, Python, etc. But you can’t find them! That’s why you should use the Global Talent Stream.

What’s this all about? Well, the Canadian government created this program in 2017 to deal with a major shortfall in tech workers. Companies need to fill 216,000 tech jobs by 2021 to keep growing! Critical software development and engineering roles remain open for months at a time. It’s not just a few companies struggling to hire. “At least 76 percent of tech employers said they have experienced a moderate to extreme skills shortage” (BetaKit).

Tech companies can’t fill roles fast enough. The solution? Hire abroad and bring the talent here

The ultimate relocation guide

As fast as universities and technical programs can churn out tech professionals, we simply can’t keep up with demand by only using domestic tech talent. If you’re a Canadian with technical skills, it’s a virtual certainty that you’re already productively employed. The supply of local talent able to get companies to where they need to be just isn’t there.

On the demand side, if you’re a startup or mid-sized tech company, you’ve got even more problems. you’re not just competing against other companies operating at the same scale.Let’s say you’re a new startup in Kelowna or Saskatoon, or even a mature tech company in Toronto. The tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. that are establishing offices in Canada also compete to recruit our best and brightest. How do you keep up with that?

It’s a hard challenge for your company and the whole tech sector. We need to tap into a world of talent if we want our tech sector to grow and innovate, full-steam ahead. That’s why you should use the Global Talent Stream to hire for your teach team.

The Global Talent Stream solution. 4,000+ tech workers hired… and counting!

Canada remains a welcoming country for skilled workers. We’re open for business. That’s a huge advantage.

The Global Talent Stream solution lets you bring in tech workers from Latin America, Europe and elsewhere. They speak English at a level where they can work seamlessly on your team. More importantly they can speak the language of code (and business, as well).

Canadian companies have already hired over 4,000 workers through the Global Talent Stream. (VanHack has helped companies hire more than any other tech recruitment channel. (Learn more about how we did it in Part 4. Global Talent Stream success stories, told by VanHackers)

If you’re not using the Global Talent Stream to hire, you’re late to the game!

Which Canadian companies are using this program to hire tech talent from abroad? Every tech company you know about and quite a few tech companies you’ve never heard of.

In fact, we work with a lot of them, all across Canada. Here are just a few that VanHack has helped hire tech professionals.

Why hire through the Global Talent Stream Canada

Here’s Jayesh Parmar, the founder of Picatic, talking about what it’s like to hire through the Global Talent Stream – and how hiring from abroad can now be simple, straightforward and easy:

Global Talent Stream intro FAQ

Whether you’re eager to get started or you’re just kicking the tires on this vehicle for tech team growth, here are some early-stage questions we often get:

“We’re a small tech startup. Can an early-stage company use the Global Talent Stream?”

The ultimate Relocation guide

That’s a common question we get. Actually, any company that is looking to add tech professionals to help them innovate can use this process. 

VanHack has even helped a founder find their first employee through the Global Talent Stream. So long as you fulfill the requirements, you can do it.

Are you ready to learn more about next steps? Check out Part 2 of our ultimate guide: How to apply to the Global Talent Stream to hire tech superstars!

“Will my new employee be able to speak English?” 

Absolutely. It’s not enough to know coding languages. To function, they have to know how to communicate with your team. Fortunately for you, it’s quite common outside of North America for people to speak multiple languages. They will be functionally fluent before they ever arrive. (Of course, you’ll be able to verify that for yourself during the interview process — but VanHack would not send a candidate your way unless they met the requirements.)

“What about French speakers?”

Quebec’s tech sector is growing as well and VanHack has already helped companies in Canada’s French-speaking province. If this is a requirement for your workplace, VanHack can find those candidates that can speak and write in French, also. Vive la difference!

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