Unfortunately, outsourcing tends to get a bad reputation. However, when it comes to recruiting the best talent possible, partnering with experts is the best step you can take. A tech recruitment partner can successfully transform your approach to acquiring the best employees and delivering results quickly — but only when you partner with the right one.

It can sometimes feel like you’d be better off recruiting employees alone. But do you have the time and resources to source, interview and hire employees? By working with a reliable, experienced tech recruitment partner, you’ll benefit from reduced costs, innovative tools you won’t need to invest in and reduce the time to hire.

If you’re struggling with which tech recruitment partner to work with, here are five things to look for when assessing your options.

1. A comprehensive solution

The first thing on your list to look out for when selecting a tech recruitment firm is to ensure they offer a comprehensive solution. They shouldn’t just be there to help you plug some gaps or help you complete a project. You need a tech recruitment partner that will add value by sourcing the best talent for you to hire.

The right tech recruitment firm also needs to offer the flexibility to scale. Suppose you’re in the middle of a growth phase and require hundreds of developers, for example. In that case, you need to be confident your tech recruitment partner can help you fulfil your global talent recruitment goals by sourcing the relevant number of employees.

Whether you need 10 or 100 employees, a tech recruitment partner should be well versed in adapting to changing market demands and be competitive enough to source the best candidates and help you fill the seats with the most talented people. 

2. Large Talent Pools

There are lots of tech recruitment firms out there that only specialize in one location. While that works to an extent, it isn’t ideal for businesses trying to build diverse teams. This type of tech recruitment partner will also only be able to work with a handful of talent, which means you only benefit from the skills from people in one location.

Look for a global talent recruitment partner with experience in sourcing candidates from hundreds of countries worldwide. This gives them access to the largest talent pool imaginable, meaning you benefit from the highest-quality candidates with unimaginable skills and experience.

These skilled, experienced candidates bring a diverse range of programming languages that you might not possess in your organization right now. Not to mention the gender, age and cultural diversity benefits when you have diversity goals to reach. These fresh ideas and perspectives from employees worldwide will help your company get ahead of the competition.

3. Average time to fill

Another thing to look for in a global talent recruitment firm is the average time to fill. If you’re hiring remote workers or they need to relocate, consider the amount of time it’ll take you to make that happen. The visas and the relocation process are lengthy and challenging, so the last thing you want is to do this on your own or work with a partner of little help.

The right tech recruitment partner will not only be able to help you fill roles and make hires quickly, but they’ll also help you with the relocation process to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible — taking another essential yet time-consuming task off your hands. 

With a painless process, you’ll benefit from talented hires who can start building products and features within your company quickly.

4. Understands your business

You need to be comfortable that the tech recruitment firm you’re partnering with understands your business needs and culture. The perfect partner will take time to understand your business and what you require, ensuring you fill the skills gaps you genuinely have. They’ll also go to great lengths to understand your culture and the types of personalities that will thrive in your organization.

That’s the benefit of having a global talent pool at their fingertips. They have more skilled candidates to look at to help you find the perfect employees to add to your team from a skills and cultural perspective.

When assessing your options, make sure the tech recruitment partner has deep expertise in the industry, technology and has niche connections to the tech community, so you reap the rewards with good, valuable candidates.

5. A successful, proven track record

Finally, another thing to look for in a tech recruitment firm is whether they have a successful, proven track record of filling candidates. Look for case studies, reviews and real-life examples, so you know how other organizations in your situation benefited from your global talent recruitment options.

The last thing you want is to select the cheapest option or one that sounds too good to be true. This can backfire with either poor candidates, a long process and a lack of talented employees brought on. 

Always do your research and choose genuine, experienced tech recruitment firms familiar with the process. For example, at VanHack, we helped worldwide businesses hire 513 candidates alone — and we’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Our experience, global talent pool, thorough screening process and superior time to hire is why over 600 organizations trust us as their go-to tech recruitment partner. Right now, we have close to 300,000 tech candidates available, with over 8,000 of them women to help your diversity goals.

As we work with talent from across the globe, we aren’t limited to one location. We have a 95% acceptance rate, with more ambitious businesses turning to VanHack to help them find the best talent possible. 

When narrowing down your tech recruitment firm choices, make sure VanHack is top of the list. We’ll help you find the best talent and assist candidates in landing their dream role, ensuring you come together to create fruitful, lasting working relationships.

If you’re a business ready to build the best global team possible with superior skills, get started today

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