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What is a complete VanHack Profile?

To apply for a job and being considered for a selection process, it’s essential to have a profile that best displays your skills, your work experience, projects and resume. And to increase (a lot) your chances, you need to have a complete VanHack Profile.

But, what do you have to do to have a complete VanHack Profile? A complete profile is the one you have all the fields filled and your verifications (English and Code) complete.

Today we have some tips on the first topic. Here you will find tips to fill out every field on your profile and increase your chances of getting hired.



Adding a picture is an important step. Why? Our recruiters want to know you. Do you know that on LinkedIn a profile with pictures has 14 times more chances of being reviewed? The same logic applies here. Choose a good image that you look friendly and approachable, but don’t forget to keep it professional.

Personal Info

You will see two things on your profile. One is citizenship. This field helps us understand where our VanHackers are located, and it’s important to help us plan things like where to do a Recruiting Mission, what’s the timezone and best time for online events and webinars – to name a few things. Don’t forget to fill this out.

The other thing is the part tell me about yourself. I can’t stress enough the importance of this field. You don’t need to add a lot of information here – it’s a quick summary of you – like an elevator pitch. You can say something about yourself, for example,  highly motivated Developer with X years of experience in [your tech stack]. Add something about your educational level if you think it’s a good point to highlight and finish with something about your professional history. One or two paragraphs will do the trick. Try to highlight the most important things you have to stand out from your competition.

Professional Info and Education

Don’t forget to describe the responsibilities you had in each position and the tech stack you used in each project. Make sure to have the same information available on your resume. If it’s not the same, please update it.

Also, see our resume template for more information on how to build a good resume.


Your skill tags are more important than you think. They not only add value to your profile by letting recruiters and companies what you work with but also make it easier to match you with the job opportunities on our platform. Please, add as many skills as you like and select carefully how many years of experience you have experience working with each of them.

Target Location

This is where you let our recruiters know the places you’d like to relocate to. This way we can target better the opportunities for your profile. Add all the places you are aiming.

Visa Status

Do you have any kind of visa – visitor, open work permit, PR? This is the place where you should add it. Please do it.

Resume, Video, and Social

This is something people usually forget. It’s crucial to add at least your Resume and LinkedIn here. If you have a website, GitHub or English video, please add them too. It will help the recruiters and company see more of your work, and it will increase your chances.

For your resume, we have a template with tips to help you better make yours.


I hope the tips help you better display your experience and skills and increase your chances on a selection process. If you have any questions about your profile, we are here to help.


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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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