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  • City Map and Neighborhoods
  • Parks, Recreation and Attractions
  • Tourism and Events
  • Well-being and Fitness

Government Guide

Arriving at Skyxe Saskatoon International Airport Transporting Pets


  • Private Health/Travel Insurance
  • Applying for Saskatchewan Health Benefits
  • Family Doctor


  • Short Term Accommodation
  • Long Term Accommodation

Cost of Living

Public Transportation

Important Documents and Banks Transferring Money Overseas School

Taxes Other Info


Saskatoon is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. It is crossed by the Saskatchewan River, which divides the city in East and West. The urban structure that connects both sides of the city gives it flow. Meewasin Valley trails will make the nature lovers happy and music, art and theatre will attract the urbanites.

City Map and Neighbourhoods

Parks, Recreation and Attractions

Tourism and Events

Well-being and Fitness

Important Guides

The following link gives you access to important guides on how to settle life in Saskatchewan.

Before you Arrive

Immigrant Centre

City of Saskatoon

Arriving at Pearson Airport

The link below directs you to information regarding ground transportation service upon arrival.

Ground Transportation

Transporting Pets

Cats and dogs will need a rabies vaccination and you have to bring them with the vaccination certificate. How the certificate should look like is under the following links, as well as container guidelines. Dogs         Cats       Other Animals


After arrival, when you have your permit handy, you will be able to apply for the government health care coverage. However, your coverage may start three months after your arrival date in Saskatchewan. You should get private health care insurance to cover the trip and the waiting time.

Private Health/ Travel Insurance

You can find an insurance company in your country and ask its representatives to quote the coverage for you and/or your family.

Applying for Saskatchewan Health Benefits

Apply for a Health Card

1 – Check Eligibility

2 – Prepare e-files of your supporting documents

3 – Start Online Application

Family Doctor

In Canada, there are walk-in clinics and hospitals in case of emergency. However, you and/or your family need to find a family doctor to be responsible for your care.

Family Doctor Finder (Saskatchewan)


In Canada, apartments for rent are usually available to move in on the 1st day of the month. My suggestion is to start looking for advertisement based on the date you will arrive. If you arrive past the 15th of the month, book visits to see places upon arrival.

Short Term Accommodation



canada stays


premier suits

Long Term Accommodation



Next Home



Progressive Property

Property Management

Elite Property Management

Real Canadian Property Management Professionals INC.


Cost of Living

The following links give access to simulation of cost of living by city:

numbeo expatistan government of canada

Public Transportation is an easy guide. It will show you how to get around the city, and it provides other sort of information.

Subway prices

Important Documents and Banks

  • SIN (Social Insurance Number) – The link SIN will help you to find the closest Service Canada Office. Required documents: passport and permit (original) + inform your address.
  • The 5 biggest Banks are TD, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Montreal (BMO), Scotiabank, and CIBC. They do offer packages for newcomers. (You can check the links below). Just keep in mind that you need to build a credit score in Canada if you want to buy a house or apply for a mortgage in the future, for example. The credit card is one way of building the score and the banks’ representatives will be able to explain it in detail.

Scotiabank TD RBC CIBC BMO

  • Driver’s Licence

Required Documents

Moving to Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Driver’s Handbook

Transferring Money Overseas

Tips: Transferwise WesternUnion


“If your child is not a Canadian citizen, you will need to bring your immigration documents to the Newcomer Student Centre to register for school. Students whose parents are permanent residents or have a valid study or work permit can register in our schools. The family must live in Saskatchewan and be eligible to study at the time of registration”. (Saskatoon Public Schools Website)

Saskatoon Public Schools

Registration for Non-Canadian Students Public Schools

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools


Please, refer to the links below:

Tax Guide Tax Calculator

Other Info

My partner has work permit. Can he or she study english?

According to the CIC website, she can study without a study permit if the program of study is 6 months or less –

Extra Info: Saskatoon Open Door Society offers classes for adults permanent residents and conversation circles with no registration required. Find out more.

Are there places where I can find my country’s food?

Yes, there are. Saskatoon is a multicultural city. Local markets and big franchises (Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart) offer Asian, Latin and European products.

Shopping for Newcomers to Saskatoon – University of Saskatchewan

The Best 10 Restaurants in Saskatoon – TripAdvisor

My partner will look for jobs. Is there any support?

There are employment agencies in the city ( Express) and community support (Saskatoon Open Door Society). Moreover, events or meetups help building network, and there is the option of interacting with local people through volunteering.

What are the emergency numbers?

Emergency Services – City of Saskatoon

What are the biggest cell phone and internet providers in Canada?

National Internet Providers – Telus, Bell and Rogers

VOIP Phones & Internet Service Providers

Mobile companies Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Virgin, Mobilicity/Chatr, Wind, Koodo and PC Mobile. The best, cheapest cell phone plans in Canada in Canada in 2018, according to Global News.

What are the Car Sharing Services in Canada?

In many canadian cities it is possible to find an alternative means of transportation, besides public transportation, bikes and taxis. They are the car sharing services, which require subscription fees and offer automobiles of different brands and sizes. SSC (Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative) is available in the community.

*Extra Info: Uber is operating in Saskatoon, and popular Car rentals companies are Enterprise, Hertz, Budget and Avis.

Where can I find Furniture?

There is a new way to furnish your home. Please, get to know Pivot. You can get high quality furniture, pet coverage and return or buy out your items any time. Furthermore, delivery, assembly and returns are included with monthly fee.

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