Make sure the world knows how skilled you are in your field and how much experience you have in the tech world. If you dream of working abroad, verify your English to unlock a world of tech visa-sponsored jobs.

In your current country, chances are you can speak the local language and dialect in your job (if you speak English, even better!). However, English is the global business language and the most dominant language in terms of how many people speak it. If you want a new life and live in another country (or work remotely for a company in another country), they’ll want to assess your English skills.

If you don’t have perfect English, don’t worry. As long as it’s good enough, you’ll be in the running to land your dream tech job. By having the skills and understanding, you’re ahead of the competition and could land the perfect visa-sponsored job than those that don’t verify their skills.

To help you land that dream role, we have an English verification service at VanHack — and we’re with you every step of the way to help you land that tech visa-sponsored job.

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What Is English Verification? And How Does VanHack Support You?

When you’re using the VanHack platform to build your portfolio, you’ll know we aim to match the most suitable candidates with the right organizations. It’s why we offer services such as interview preparation and code challenges to set you up for success. 

English verification is a critical step you’ll need to complete when you begin your journey with us. We can’t emphasize its importance when applying for jobs using the platform. Although the apply button won’t be available without this verification, it’s also essential to complete this step. Companies are willing to pay more attention to your profile if it displays that your English is verified.

Having verified English on your profile unlocks many opportunities to a world of tech-visa sponsored jobs. 

Although it’s a mandatory step on VanHack designed to make your profile application-ready, it isn’t intimidating, so don’t let it put you off from diving in. Even if your English isn’t perfect enough or you aren’t comfortable, you can still perform your best because of the types of questions you’ll need to answer.

English verification is all about companies being able to evaluate your level of professional English. It isn’t a long, complex face to face assessment — it’s simply so companies can see how well you communicate. They want to know how you’ll communicate with other team members and stakeholders if they offer you the job.

During the verification, you’ll be assessed on how well you talk about yourself, your skills and your experience. Doing this is completely free in VanHack and you can record and submit your answers all in one place.

The VanHack Process

If you’ve ever applied for a tech visa-sponsored job and the interview was in English, the organization will have asked you the same or similar questions to the ones we ask during our English verification process.

All you need to do during this mandatory step is record three videos, which are super straightforward to accomplish. We’ll offer the insights here, so you can plan ahead of time before recording your English verification answers. We’ve designed it to be as easy as possible, so even though we provide you with three hours to complete this verification, our data tells us you can typically complete all three within 15 minutes.

The three videos you need to record aren’t complex either.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

Here’s where you sell yourself and stand out from other applicants. It doesn’t need to be a line-by-line recording of your resume. Just be yourself — showcase who you are, touch on your experience and shout about your skills. It’s also a good idea to explain what makes you unique and different from others.

Remember, there will be many other VanHack candidates vying for the same role and recording these videos, so you need to stand out. We also advise you to read the job description while planning to ensure your answers link closely to what the organization needs. Relevancy is key here.

Here are some tips on how to nail the “Tell Me About Yourself Video”:

How to nail the “Tell us about yourself” video

2. Talk About a Tech Challenge

In a tech visa-sponsored job, discussing a tech challenge is a priority. This video should be all about proving how great you are at solving problems. Again, pick a challenge relevant to the job and something that will impress recruiters. It showcases your thought process and how you approach complex challenges.

The STAR method is an excellent approach to take. Start with the situation, reveal the task and your responsibility, highlight the actions you had taken to address the problem and finally share the results. Trust us, this part is crucial during your English verification process, so prepare for this one in advance.

How to use the STAR interview method like a pro

3. Questions For Your Interviewer

Finally, in your third video, ask the interviewers a question! An interview shouldn’t ever be one-sided, so this is your chance to get all of the information you need, so you’re 100% confident the organization is also a right fit for you.

It’s the perfect opportunity to ask relevant questions, highlight what you value while also showing off your English skills. 

It’s really that simple. Once you’ve submitted your three videos and answered the questions, your VanHack profile automatically unlocks and you can begin applying for all of the jobs we have available. 

Also, don’t worry about getting it right the first time. Remember, we give you three hours to complete the verification and the videos are super short. You can record them as many times as you want before hitting submit — just make sure it’s within the three-hour time limit and have your notes ready.

We treat the English verification stage as an initial screening. Once you pass this, then you pass and move to the next steps.

What’s also unique about our process is that your answers don’t go to an AI program. We have real human assessors who’ll evaluate your verification, so you can be sure only real people will check over your videos. We also aren’t overly critical. We aren’t looking for impeccable grammar or fluency. We just check to ensure you can communicate clearly.

Instead, it’s the company that will check your communication skills to highlight projects and accomplishments. So, you don’t need to go away and learn absolutely everything about the English language to prepare for this verification. Without this, they won’t want to risk sponsoring your visa.

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Why We Make English Verification Mandatory

Whether you’re a native speaker, you have the relevant qualifications or you already live in an English-speaking country, we treat everybody the same. English verification is mandatory for everyone using the platform, regardless of background and skills.

We’ve made it mandatory because we have candidates from across the globe, so it’s only fair that our human assessors evaluate everybody to the same standards to keep it fair. Plus, previous qualifications and tests serve different purposes, whereas our questions and videos are specific use cases.

If you switch your mindset, it’s actually a positive. When people regularly apply for jobs, sometimes even the best candidates are overlooked and their resumes never make it to a recruiter’s desk. How could they stand out if they have no ability to record videos to market themselves?

Our verification allows you to do that. Rather than letting a resume or cover letter decide your date, you can be in control as your videos can be the big difference in helping you stand out and showcase just how good you are. Plus, hiring managers don’t want to read pages of text. They’d rather hear from you first-hand in two minutes and get what they need.

You can find out more about the VanHack English verification process here, filled with tips designed to help you ace your assessment.

How does the English Verification work at VanHack?


There’s a reason over 1,000 tech professionals have found their dream tech visa-sponsored job using the VanHack platform. They trust our process and services, knowing we’re with them every step of the way to find the dream tech role, whether it’s in Canada or Europe or even a remote role. Whatever it is, we help with the entire relocation process from start to end, so you never feel alone.

Using VanHack, your English verification assessment is just one crucial part of being in with a chance of landing your dream role. We go beyond the norm by helping you prepare for interviews, holding mock interviews, filming introduction profile videos and offering code challenges to boost your chances even more.

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The more you complete your profile on VanHack, the better your chances of securing your visa-sponsored job interview. That’s why we offer services such as code challenges and English verification for free because we know what our partner companies value and want to see, so we’ll never charge you for this.

To stand out above other candidates and land one of the many fantastic jobs we have available every month on VanHack, sign up for the free English verification course today and see how it’ll transform your life.


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