It’s been a challenging year, but it also pushed us to rethink, reinvent, and rebuild ourselves. The world has changed, and things are more global than ever. So for VanHackCON 2021, we invited specialists, consultants, tech talents, and all-around great people to bring you the tools and skills you need to get hired abroad and build a borderless career. It was amazing! Here’s is an overview of everything we talked about: VanHackCON 2021 Wrapped is Here  🚀

Neo Financial and VanHack, hiring 100 Fullstack developers

Neo Financial is one of our record-breaking hiring partners. The Canadian fintech is expanding and looking for even more international tech talents.
Do you want to be one of them? 

Discover more about this opportunity & watch Ilya and Kris talking about this massive hiring project!


Five lessons you can learn from VanHackers about getting hired abroad

Anjaly Jacob is a FullStack developer from India who applied for more them 400 jobs and once got 20 invitations for interviews on a single day! Here’s what you can learn from her hard work.

How to make recruiters find and select you 

Alla Pavlova is a tech recruiter with Riot Games and has a long experience finding and hiring the best people for her teams. She shared her methods and even hacks in a super cool talk. Do you want to know how to make your profile stand out to recruiters for notable companies such as Pavlova’s? 

Top 10 most difficult job interview questions and how to answer them

Ana Tavares is a psychologist and recruiter with 12 years of experience finding great employees for tech companies. She shared some of the most common questions HR asks candidates during job interviews. Most of the time, there is no one size fits all approach, but Tavares has excellent advice on how to think about the most critical issues recruiters usually raise in conversations with candidates.

The ultimate guided journey to getting hired abroad and landing your dream international job 

Our interview preparation squad talked about every step on the candidate’s journey to an international job and how to maximize your chances of success in each one of them. So whether you are just starting as a VanHacker or if you want to improve your performance with us, let our fantastic team lead you to your dream work abroad.

Secret tactics to get you hired abroad with VanHack

Jorge Lopez, Head of Recruitment at VanHack, and Carolina Brand Talent Manager at VanHack, shared exciting statistics from our platform to help you get hired abroad. In addition, they brought some essential data for your decision-making process.

Technical Interview Tips for Software Engineers

The most crucial trick to successful technical job interviews for Gustavo de Miranda, our senior DevOps engineer, is remembering that advancing your career is a process, not just one moment in time. He explained how to rethink this part of the hiring phases, and we have selected some highlights for you. 

Building high-performance applications with Elixir & Phoenix

Tam Kbeili is a CTO at Aplicar. He talked about two interesting, relatively new coding languages, Phoenix and Elixir. Let’s learn from him

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English for Devs: how to better communicate in a multicultural environment

English has become the universal language of business, and culturally diverse work environments are more common than ever. Gui Sarkis, innovation facilitator and instructor at VanHack’s Premium Academy, and Evan Reinhold, ESL teacher and English instructor at VanHack, had a friendly chat about global English as a tool for multicultural conversations.

Decoding the Canadian Work visa for Tech professionals

The immigration consultants Aasia RahguzarMelissa Arrambide, and Shervani Pinto and our Global Mobility Specialist Tatiane Cortez come together to explain some of the most important aspects of getting a work visa in Canada. So let’s dive in and discuss costs, documents, timelines, and more.


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