Since 2015 VanHack has committed to helping companies from North America and Europe find the best tech talent for their teams and help candidates find their dream job abroad. Since then, events are part of VanHack history. 

We are thrilled and excited every time we announce a new event that helps us make the connection between great tech talent with top companies and help their growth. For us, every hire is always like the first time! 

2020 was a year to evolve from in-person to Virtual Events. As the world marks a year of intense disruption by the COVID pandemic, we had to keep reinventing ourselves. The in-person hiring events gave place to the Virtual Hiring Events. And in this same year, we had two successful editions of the Women in Tech Virtual Hiring Fair.

But you might be wondering what those Virtual Hiring events are, how they work and how you can apply to get closer to your dream job abroad. In this post, we will tell you all you need to know.


What is a VanHack virtual hiring event?

First things first: what is a Virtual Hiring Event at VanHack? The event is an opportunity for candidates to live network with companies from North America and Europe

The participants will be placed randomly with a company for five minutes to speed-interview. This is a chance to make a great first impression, pitch your skills and land a job interview.

But, what do you need to do to be able to apply for a virtual hiring event at VanHack?


Before the event 

Your first step is to make sure your profile is ready to apply for the event. And it means that you have all the information on your profile filled out (quick tip: pay special attention to the way you describe your job experience) and a complete English Verification on our platform. Only candidates with advanced or fluent status on the English Verification and the mandatory job experience can apply for the event. And although Code Verification is not mandatory to apply for the event, it can give your profile a plus and show the companies your coding skills.

If you have your profile and English verification ready to go, you are able to apply for a Virtual Hiring Event. Be aware that every event has its own requirements regarding the years of work experience – and you will only be able to apply if your profile matches these requirements. 

After your application, our team will review the candidate’s profile and invite those who are the best fit for the event. All the information regarding the selection process can be found on the event application page. 

Selected candidates will receive free preparation from VanHack with mock interviews, live classes, self-learn models, webinars, and more to help them be more prepared for the day of the event. 


How does the event work? 

On the day of the event, we start with company presentations. Companies have 1 minute to pitch their organization to all the candidates and explain why candidates should join them, what they are looking for etc. This is the moment you learn about the company, what they are building and can take good notes for when you talk to them. Remember that you have only one chance to make a great first impression.

Right after candidates meet the companies, they will have an opportunity to Live Speed Interviewing/Networking in a 1:1 format where the candidate will randomly be placed with a recruiter or a company. Here is the chance to land a job interview by showing the company the professional you are and how you can be the person they are looking for. 

The chats are restricted to 5 mins per person to maximize the number of people you meet. 

After the event, companies will decide who they want to do more in-depth interviews with and our team will conduct with them to schedule interviews for you.


Who is the ideal candidate?

It depends. Every event has its target, skills and years of experience – and it’s extremely important that you apply for the ones that are a good match with your profile. Before signing up, pay attention to which skills the event will demand. Check out our event page to see what is coming next! 

If you are not a good fit for one event, you can be a perfect fit for another! Don’t give up, and keep an eye on our event page because there will be more events! We also encourage you to invite your friends to enjoy our events and you can use our referral program (you can get $500 CAD if your friend got hired through VanHack)


Previous events

In the week of May 17th, 2021 VanHack hosted a 3 DAY long Virtual Hiring Event for Senior Developers. And the impressive highlights are 441 attendees between companies and candidates, 43 countries represented, 1350 speed interviews, 598 connections made and 180 candidates – 20 of them already got hired and there are a lot of interviews going on! Before this, we had 20 Women Hired in 2 Months via the Women in Tech Hiring Fair! 

That’s why we are so thrilled to host events at VanHack! 

We want to share how is the experience to be part of an event, and for this, we recommend watching the Success case videos with candidates who got hired at a VanHack event. Get ready to be inspired!

How Poulami got hired at our first Virtual WIT Hiring Fair in 2020

How Gustavo got hired at a VanHack Leap event

How Siri got hired at our 2nd WIT Fair in 2020  


How can you be part of the next Virtual Hiring Event?

Be prepared for the next event! On our event page, you will find all information about the next event. Remember: you will apply for the event on this page.

To be the ideal candidate, you need to: 

  • Complete your VanHack Profile – create a profile that works;
  • English and Code Verification – The verification process helps you unlock the job applications.


Learn more about how does the selection process work at VanHack and get ready for an opportunity abroad!