When VanHack was born in 2015, we couldn’t imagine the impact we would have on so many lives. And we started 2021 achieving a great milestone that makes us really proud to announce: we have more than 1000 candidates hired

VanHack has been working hard for the last five years to build a borderless world where talented tech professionals can move wherever they are needed to help companies innovate and grow.

And we are proud of the community we’ve been building over the years. We have VanHackers from all over the world and it’s amazing to see the diversity. And it’s equally amazing to see all the great companies that have hired these fantastic candidates.

In this post, we are going to bring some interesting data regarding our first 1000 VanHackers hired. Shall we?

Type of Job and Work Experience

VanHack is a recruitment company focused on senior tech talents that are looking for the next step in their career with a job abroad. Most of our job opportunities look for people with 4+ years of work experience – and you can see that 95% of our hired candidates have that. But we also have 5% of the candidates with less than 4 years of work experience. 

In which group are you in?

The majority of our jobs offer work visa sponsorship and relocation, and 97% of our candidates that got hired relocated to a new country (or are in the process to do so). Remote jobs are responsible for 3% of our hires – and we’ve seen this number going up due to the world situation.

If you are a tech professional looking for relocation or a remote job, you should join VanHack, complete your profile and your verification process to be able to apply for jobs. Check our job board.

English and Code Verification

The English verification is mandatory step candidates need to complete before being able to apply for jobs on our platform. As you can see, all of our hired candidates completed theirs and 95% of them got advanced or fluent as a result of their evaluation.

But how does the English Verification works? It’s pretty simple, takes around 20 minutes to complete and the candidate does it all inside our platform. You will have to record three short videos answering common interview questions that you probably already faced in a real interview.

We also have a Code Verification inside VanHack. Although this is not a mandatory step, it is a chance to showcase your skills, your code and stand out from the crowd. 86% of our hired VanHackers have completed at least one code challenge.

Jobs, Relocation and more about the hired VanHackers

We mentioned before that 97% of our candidates got a relocation job through VanHack. But you might be wondering where those candidates relocated to, what kind of job they got – and even about their salary, right? Let’s talk about that.

Where did candidates relocate to?

Canada is the number one place that our hired candidates relocated to. 83% of them got a job in places like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and other places across the country. 

Europe is the second place with 16% of the relocations. Countries like Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Spain are on the list of places that VanHackers moved to.

We also have 1% of our candidates relocating to the United States.

What is the average salary VanHackers get?

Speaking about salaries in Canada, our hired VanHackers got, on average, 90K CAD/ year for relocation jobs and 60K CAD/ year for remote jobs. In Europe, the average for relocation jobs is 54K euros/ year.

Job position 

One question that we receive a lot from candidates is what are the job positions that VanHack has. And here is the data about our 1000 hires.

The first position is backend developer, with 33% of our hired candidates. Fullstack and Frontend developers each got 20%. Mobile developers and DevOps engineers each represent 7% of the 1000 hired VanHackers, followed by QA engineers with 3%. 

Designers, game developers, machine learning engineers and product managers each represent 1%. Other job positions represent 5% of the hired VanHackers.

Want to see what job positions we have open? Check our job board.

And where are the hired candidates from?

We’ve mentioned before the location that our hired VanHackers relocated to. But where are those candidates from? Here you can find the nationality of 1000 candidates hired. As you can see, we have VanHackers from all over the world.

How many jobs did the candidates apply for?

Another curious data is about the number of jobs that the hired candidates applied for at VanHack before getting hired. 60% of them applied to 1-25 jobs, 20% applied to 26-50 jobs, 15% applied to 51-100 jobs and 5% applied to 100-500 jobs.

This was a little bit about the first 1000 VanHackers hired. Which data caught your attention? 

Now, we will keep working hard to grow the number of hired even more. We can’t wait to help thousands and thousands of VanHackers.

Are you ready to be the next one? Sign up for VanHack.