Used the Global Talent Stream to hire tech experts?

Used the Global Talent Stream to hire tech experts? Now, help them succeed

Congratulations! You used the Global Talent Stream to hire tech experts for your growing company. You did the smart thing and expanded your search beyond Canada. Now and in future, you can access a whole world of talent. (And if you used VanHack, that means you had access to 200,000+ candidates. That’s one big talent pool!)

Your candidate has completed the work permit process and they are on their way to you!

So… what’s happens, now?

How to make your new tech professional feel at home as soon as possible

A happy employee is a productive employee. That’s why it’s important to help your Global Talent Stream candidate feel at home as soon as possible.

Of course, Canadian companies are already pretty good at this. Our workforce is already diverse, thanks to waves of immigration from decades past. Let’s face it: Canada is one of the most welcoming (if not the most welcoming) country on the planet.

That said, moving countries (often, with their family) could be the biggest change of their life!

Here are some of the most common questions we get from the companies that work with us (usually towards the beginning of the hiring process — they know the answers well before the hire!).

“Where will my new tech employee live — and how can I help welcome them?”

A happy home helps keep stress to a minimum, making for a happy and productive employee. One thing you need to think about before they arrive: where are they going to live?

Relocation assistance of one month or more of rent as they get here is quite common, particularly given the high cost of real estate in some Canadian cities. In fact, some companies will offer several months of rent. The candidate can use those funds to rent a place or (if the vacancy rate is particularly low) at least use AirBnB while they’re looking for a permanent home.

Talking about relocation assistance with the candidate ahead of hiring can actually be a deciding factor when a candidate is still choosing between options. Give a little, get a lot in terms of loyalty to your company as your new employee settles in.

“What else will my employee need to make their move stress-free?”

As usual, VanHack is way ahead of you! We provide relocation support services for your new hires. What do we do for them, exactly?

Regular check-ins to provide general advice and support

This follow-up happens from the moment the candidate signs the job offer, until the end of your hiring probation period.

Help with visas and other paperwork

Helping the employee’s family members get important documents such as work or study permits. An immigration consultant could charge a lot of money just for this kind of service, but when you hire through VanHack, this service is included for your employee.

Accommodation advice

It’s common for tech professionals who move to Canada from abroad to spend a little time in AirBnBs or short-term rentals. They need a bit of time to get a feel for local neighborhoods and locate a more permanent residence. We provide advice to make this easier.

Basic financial advice

We show them how to get a SIN number, open a bank account and make sure they have no stress about where their money is coming from.

Information that will help them settle into your city

This includes tips around moving costs, accessing health care, minimizing culture shock, getting around on transportation, the best neighborhoods to move into, schools for their kids, insurance, etc.

By making it easy for them to settle into their new home, your new employee will be able to take on their job 100 percent, from day 1.

VanHack offers mentoring to help with this and can put them in touch with other recent hires who have moved to the city. That way, they’ve got a support network from the start.

Want to give your new tech employee the best possible start?

From the rest of our Ultimate Guide, you’ve learned why and how to use the Global Talent Stream. Now you know how to make their move stress-free. And you know that VanHack can make this whole process a lot easier.

Still have some hesitation about hiring from abroad? Then I suggest you check out the final part of our guide: our success stories! See how VanHack has helped so many Canadian companies hire 700+ successful candidates. Check out their stories in the next chapter!

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