We keep track of everything relevant to helping tech talents get hired abroad. One of the aspects we are following closely is the skills most sought after by hiring companies. So we want to share with you the top tech skills in high demand right now within our platform:

  1. JavaScript 
  2. RoR
  3. Python
  4. Java
  5. PHP
  6. Android
  7. IOS

These are the most common primary and or secondary skills our hiring partners want to see on candidates’ profiles. Does this look like you? Then, make sure you have your information is complete on your platform so our team of recruiters can match your profile with one of the job opportunities.

The 11 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2022

This year LinkedIn released a list of the “11 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs”. What an amazing surprise, as these titles are some of the most popular jobs we have in VanHack right now.

The social network says:

“The tech industry is booming again and will continue to grow.
Companies are looking to hire more long-term positions and want to find candidates who are willing to work”.

LinkedIn list of jobs in high demand includes:

  1. DevOps Engineer  
  2. Cloud Architect 
  3. Product Manager 
  4. Programmer Analyst   
  5. AI Architect   
  6. Systems Analyst   
  7. Network Administrator  
  8. Software Engineer   
  9. Blockchain Engineer   
  10. Information security analyst  
  11. Data scientist   

The Tech Skills That Got VanHackers Hired in 2021

In 2021, we helped over 500 tech professionals get hired abroad. Overall they came from 20+ different areas of expertise. However, the Full-stack developers were in high demand last year, and most of our hired tech talents specialize in this area (49.3%). Back-end development and front-end development came in second and third with 14.9% and 10.6%, respectively. 

What happened in 2021 for VanHack?

Are Your Skills in High Demand? Take the Code Challenges to Boost Your Chances of Getting Noticed

Do you master any or some of the skills we listed? Then show the world what you can do! We have code challenges available on your platform, and they are an excellent opportunity to let recruiters see your talents and abilities. You can take the code challenge for more than 20 different programming languages, and we keep adding new ones regularly. We renew the whole set of options every three months, so you can always wait a bit to try again if you want to improve your results. Our platform is available for candidates with 4+ years of work experience, so the code challenges were carefully developed to suit this level of expertise. 

Everything You Need to Know About VanHack’s Code Challenges

Boost Your Performance During Behavioral and Technical Interviews

If you are looking for improving your performance during the interviews, Premium Academy can help.
Premium Academy is the learning program at VanHack, where we offer LIVE classes, profile review, group of network with other talented people like you, and more.

You can take a look at the blog below and discover why our Premium Academy can be a great option for you.

Why is Premium Academy a Great Option for Tech Talent?

How we help tech talent get hired abroad

Are you ready to start your journey to an international job? We are here to help! Our consultants offer preparation, guidance, and resources throughout the hiring process. We want to assist as many tech talents as possible to reach their dream job abroad. 

✨✨ Learn more about our Premium Academy and how to become a member! 

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