Top 5 Javascript Developers of the week. Special VHF Edition

The VanHack Virtual Hiring Fair for Women is less than a month away! We’ve had hundreds of fantastic candidates apply for the event, and we’re going to highlight five developers a week. This week, we’re looking at five fantastic Javascript developers.

Aline B

Aline has worked as a front-end developer since 2010. She has more than four years of experience in digital agencies, working with many diverse clients. She’s also spent some years working with project-based companies, and for the last year, has have been working with Salesforce.

“I am passionate about clean, organized and reusable CSS, responsive web development, attention to details, semantic HTML and inclusive cross-browser compatibility. I enjoy working with JavaScript to create accessible and inclusive web applications.”


Check our her profile here –

Laura T

Laura is a systems and computer engineer with 4+ years experience developing web applications, spanning from database design and implementation to both client and server solutions. She has an intermediate-advanced knowledge in programming languages technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), Vue Js, React Js, PHP and Python and has led processes and work teams, participating in different stages of software development cycle using best practices and agile methodologies.

“I consider myself to be disciplined, highly motivated person, always willing to face new challenges and improve my coding, social and management skills.”


Check out Laura’s profile here –

Anna S

Anna is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in Web and cross-platform development and Project Management. Anna has a Master’s degree focused in Mechanics and Mathematics from Dniepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine.

Check out Anna’s profile here –

Sara E

Sara has been been working as a front-end developer for the past 5 years, with projects based on Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular and Typescript.

I’m a very dedicated person. I’m disciplined and I work really hard to reach my goals and be better everyday. I learn easily, and I’m always willing to learn new things.


Check out Sara’s profile here –

Blessing O.

Blessing is a Software Engineer with a Computer Science degree and a passion for programming and development.She is interested in software engineering with specializations in Front-end and Virtual Reality technologies. She currently works for a Nigerian based start-up company providing web-based and mobile-based development for an international client base.

Check out Blessing’s profile here –

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