We are following the tech industry closely and keeping track of what skills are sought after the most by hiring companies. Right now, we can say that the top three in-demand tech positions are based on these abilities:

  1. JavaScript 
  2. RoR
  3. Python

Our team is in daily contact with tech companies around the world and these are the skills most hiring managers are looking for in candidates. We work on bridging the gap between these companies and the right tech talent in our platform. Do you specialize in Java, RoR, or Python? If you have a profile with us, make sure you have these skills listed. Complete your information on our site and start applying for international jobs right away. 

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Are You ready for an in-demand tech position? 

Do you master any or some of the skills we listed? Then show the world what you can do! 

We are on a mission to help tech professionals find jobs and relocate to Canada, the US or Europe. If you are a tech professional who wants to get hired abroad, we can help you. VanHack is LinkedIn Talent Awards Winner 2021 and one of Canada’s most respected recruitment companies. More than 1,700 tech professionals have found work and relocated abroad with our help. 

Our services are unique because job seekers don’t pay for them. Developers get to use our platform for free because we are paid by partner companies to find the right candidate for them. We help VanHackers find opportunities and prepare for the hiring process with CV review, mock interview classes, English lessons and more. As a result, senior software developers get hired abroad, companies get the best candidates, and VanHack grows as a recruitment firm. 

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Women are more than welcome to apply for in-demand tech positions  

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), women make up less than 25% of the STEM workforce. We think this is unfair and we know you do too. That is why we are working as hard as we can to help change the makeup of the tech industry.

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We all lose when groups of people are not being fairly represented. The WEF says the world is facing incredible challenges presented by the fourth industrial revolution and we can’t afford not to have all hands on deck. And of course, that includes women.

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We help tech talent get who want to get a tech position abroad

Are you ready to start your journey to an international job? We are here to help! Our consultants offer preparation, guidance, and resources throughout the hiring process. We want to assist as many tech talents as possible to reach their dream job abroad. 

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🌎 VANHACK, LinkedIn Talent Awards Winner 2021, is Canada’s most respected recruitment company. With more than 1,500 hires, VanHack is on a mission of increasing diversity and creating a borderless world. So if you are a software developer looking for a job abroad, in Canada, the US, or Europe, join VanHack today. 100% free for candidates, plus you will get all the preparation you need when your profile is shortlisted.

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