Have you wondered what life is like when you get a job in another country? We talked to Larissa and Diego, two software developers from Brazil, and asked them about working in Canada. They told us about their experiences living and working in Calgary, Canada, and shared some tips and advice for anyone interested in an international career.  


Expectations x Reality: what working in Canada is really like

Diego says his main expectation about moving to Canada was the prospect of living in a safer place with more opportunities. Calgary did not disappoint. He adds that the landscape in Canada was a surprise. “All the beautiful landscape we have around here was something we were not expecting. It was really a surprise!”

Daily life in the office 

Larissa says the work environment in Canada seems more relaxed than in Brazil and that she has more autonomy and room to contribute with suggestions. “The pace here was slower than in Brazil. In Brazil, they are more demanding; they are always checking what you’re doing. Here, the environment is more relaxed. We can do our thing. We can share a lot of ideas and it’s really nice”.

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Bumps in the road. Losing and getting a job in Canada

The past three years in Canada have been pretty rewarding for Diego’s career. He was the first Android developer of the company, and his role got more critical with time. “It felt like my career was growing even though I started at the same role; that’s because the whole company grew. I have more challenges; it feels great”, he says. 

Covid offered some bumps in the road for Larissa. She ended up losing her job due to cuts made during the pandemic. She turned things around quickly, though. “But I found out; I was able to find another job; it was easier.”

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Advice for other tech talents interested in working in Canada

Diego understands some people might be afraid to start a career in a foreign country because they think it will be a complete departure from familiar territory. That’s not entirely true. “{the work} is not that different from {work in} your home country. It’s not more demanding. As soon as you get used to that, you can get a job easily”. 

You don’t have to be fluent 

Yes, you must complete an English Verification on our platform before applying for international jobs. Fluency, on the other hand, is not mandatory. “Some people think they will come here and not be able to speak English. But people here are very welcoming. If you don’t know how to say something, they try to understand you”, Larissa explains. 

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