Getting a job abroad may seem difficult. However, if you approach the challenge the right way, and have a clear idea of what you want, it’s certainly not impossible. And yes, there may currently be some travel restrictions around the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a new job and start working. VanHacker Vinicius Arcanjo recently started a new job with a Canadian company – and even though he can’t travel just yet, he has started working remotely! When the global situation improves, he will be moving to Canada.

Here’s his story – we hope that it will inspire you as well.

How was your job search before VanHack?
I was limiting myself mostly to the jobs within my country or remotely internationally, but relocating I knew would be difficult since a lot of companies are either not willing to sponsor a visa or don’t have the know-how to do it.

Why did you join VanHack? What were you hoping to get? What made you give us a try?
I wanted to relocate to Canada to grow professionally. I realized VanHack had great companies in their portfolio that were looking to hire software developers and are willing to sponsor visas. The greatest thing is that it’s always clear upfront which companies are willing to do so.

How was your experience getting hired? How long did it take? How was the interview process? Any exciting moments?
The experience was great. It was way faster than I expected. I really liked that VanHack matches and ranks your profile according to the job. Overall, it took 2 two months since it was the holiday season.

Once I started actively interviewing though, it took roughly 8 hours spread over 6 to 8 days. Most of the interview rounds were quite technical as expected. As I moved on to the later stages I was glad I had to chance to get to know the vast majority of the people who I’d work with, which was awesome (props to SkyWatch for doing this).

The whole process was exciting and I’d like to thank Bruna Fattobene from VanHack, who since the beginning was immensely helpful not only connecting me with the company but also clarifying and following up.

How did you feel when you get the job offer? 🙂
I felt a lot of joy and a sense of mission accomplished as far as relocating to a new country, which will change my life forever. It’s part of my history now.

How was the Visa & Relocation process?
My Global Talent Stream Visa is still in progress because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I’ve started working remotely for SkyWatch in the meantime.

Any tips for other VanHackers who also want to get hired abroad?
Have a clear objective about what you truly want, and go for it. If you have the skills, it’s only a matter of effort and time you put into it to get hired.


Vinicius, thank you very much!

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