Ramiro Rincon moved from Colombia to Montreal and has a great story to share. Finding a job abroad requires dedication and hard work, and Ramiro’s story exemplifies this.

Over to you, Ramiro.

Ramiro’s Story

I’ve been always willing to live in other places since I was little, but I also knew that in order to accomplish my dreams, it was going to take discipline, effort, sacrifices and a bit of luck to achieve them.

I had the opportunity to work for a local company back in Colombia, as a developer and consultant for US companies. I knew that this experience was about to give me the chance to improve not only my language skills, but also to understand how other markets and environments work.

But this alone was not enough. It’s not so easy for foreign companies to hire people living and working overseas. So I started to check any options out there.

The problem was: there was no clear path or guideline to follow in order for me to achieve my dreams.

Getting the right information

Finally, in 2017, I saw an ad about VanHack (it also helped that a former colleague followed them). So I decided to take a look at the services they offered, and I realized that here was the opportunity I’d been looking for.

At first, I subscribed to their free service (back in October 2017), but right after that Ilya (VanHack’s CEO) announced an event: The first VanHackathon!

Ilya hosted an online webinar to explain how it works. Although I have developer experience, I was (and still am) focused on specific PaaS services and platforms, so I couldn’t join any team to work with.

But Ilya also mentioned something else: the VanHack Premium service, where they offered English classes, Review sessions and other interesting services.

Joining VanHack Premium

So I decided to take advantage of their promo (it was during Black Friday week) and paid for 6 months of Premium. Since that moment, I attended every class and also had the chance to meet their staff.

VanHack Message: We’re running the same promo right now (till April 30, 2020). Sign up today!

I really liked their service and it made me realize you need to focus on your own goals – and also on other people’s goals.

What I mean with this is: yes, it is important for you to go to work in Canada/Europe/etc and have a great life for you and your family, but you also need to worry about what makes you to stand out in the midst of other candidates. You must remember:


Making the right moves

With this understanding, I focused on enhancing my soft skills and started looking beyond what was posted on a company’s website. Of course, it also helps to know your current career path and skills. And if there is anything you think it’s missing in your skill set, make the necessary changes to succeed.

After a few months, I had a job interview with a company in Montréal (not attached to VH).

With the training I received from their classes, interview mock-ups and review sessions, I was able to get a job offer!

This happen in September 2018. One year later, I landed in Canada with my wife and newly-born baby girl ready to continue our lives in this great country.

It has been 7 months since then, and even though it was tough leaving our family and friends, I don’t regret my decision to give my daughter a better future here.

I can’t be more thankful to the VanHack team for all their efforts and expertise on helping people to achieve their dreams.

And I’m never tire of recommending them to others like myself who are interested in looking for job opportunities abroad.

Hopefully someday I can be able to travel to Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto and meet them (especially, once this situation is over).

Thank you VanHack! Keep hacking others’ lives!

Ramiro, thank you for the kind words. We’re very happy to have helped in a small way, but it’s clear that you have the drive and dedication to succeed no matter what the odds. We wish you the very best with everything.

PS : We are currently running a great promo on VanHack Premium. You can get up to 50% off till April 30, 2020.

If you’re inspired by Ramiro’s story, click here to check it out.

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