Success Story – How Luis got a job in Canada through VanHack Premium

Luis, another Happy VanHacker Hired! Enjoy the new phase! 🙂

Today’s post is about Luis Câmara’s journey to achieve his dream job in Canada. He wrote the story below. Check out how it happened.


I joined VanHack to search for jobs in Canada last year. Since then I saw value in being a Premium member especially because I needed to update my resume and get to know some tricks about how companies in Canada handle their hiring interviews, how should I be prepared to pass through each phase and answer the questions properly, and finally, land a job.
My first step was making sure I got coding challenges done for my main skills and also the English verification. Then I reviewed my resume with Juliana de Moraes.

After that, I saw the first results: invitations from companies to participate in their hiring processes started to come. But I was very curious and excited to participate also in a VanHack LEAP event. First I tried to join the LEAP Calgary in October, but unfortunately, I was not selected. I knew I had to improve some technical skills in order to be a better candidate. So after a few months of working hard to increase my skills, I tried again to join the event on Calgary in February. This time I was selected!

During the LEAP preparation Ana, Cristi and Juliana helped me a lot with information about the event and the companies, and also classes about how to properly behave and answer interview questions that might come up. After that, the LEAP event happened and, with the support of Stephanie, Tatiane and Cristi, I was pleased to receive a job offer! I was initially considering only moving to Calgary and that company opened my mind to consider Saskatoon.

The advice that I give to whoever is starting now or still battling to get your dream job abroad is: work hard, be flexible and keep dreaming. We never know when exactly we’re going to succeed in our mission, but if we make sure we are prepared, one day the opportunity will come!
Thanks for all VanHack staff who made it possible! You guys are awesome!


Luis, thank you very much for your words. We are happy to hear that we helped a great candidate like you get hired abroad.

And if you want to improve yourself and stand out on your job applications, join VanHack Premium. Click here and start your 7 day free trial.

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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