A few weeks ago, we published a blog about VanHacker Evandro Rodrigues, and how he got hired in Canada through VanHack Premium.  Just like that post, today’s post is written by Flávio Gomes – another VanHacker who attributes his success with getting a job to VanHack Premium. The text below has been very lightly edited – this is Flávio’s story, in his own words. 


I’ll start this post with my opinion about this channel: it should have been created in VanHack’s public profile, so people that are not Premium, can see and value all this great work VanHack is doing. [Note: Flavio first posted this on our Premium member Slack Group]

On November 16, in Toronto/Ontario, I signed my employment contract with MessagePoint. 

Before I talk about my journey, I want to thank the entire VanHack team for their great work and for supporting us. I feel very privileged to be part of this huge and blessed family. I feel grateful for all VanHackers that I met in classes and in person, you were also part of my journey and had a positive impact on my training and improvement. Thank you all very much.

My journey with VanHack started almost five years ago when a friend of mine talked about [VanHack CEO] Ilya’s connection to Brazil and how he’d started a company to help international talent (myself included) get a job in Canada and Europe. I started watching VanHack’s YouTube videos, webinars and hangouts and immersing myself in English. Three years ago I created my profile on VanHack and began learning more from its courses and documentation. 

At the end of 2018 I decided to join VanHack Premium and taking English classes to improve my English speaking and interview practice skills. 

However, at that time I was not going to every class I could and, because of my shyness, was only listening to them. After the first 6 months I hadn’t had a real taste of what VanHack’s training can provide. I took a firm decision and embraced the fact that I had to do my part so the training could be really effective. I began to be more participative in the classes and, as time passed, I became more engaged, confident, and could overcome my shyness. 

Teachers and students are very supportive. They make every class an interesting meeting, where learning feels more natural and a free flowing conversation, not a one-way road as the typical English classes I had in the past outside VanHack.

After all the classes I participated in and with some tech training to improve my value to employers, I decided to apply to all the Leaps planned from October to December. At the same time I was planning my trip to Canada. 

I was selected to Leap Montreal and I was very happy with that. When I was a few weeks left to travel to Canada, Leap Montreal was cancelled!

That shook me a bit, then I decided to change my flight schedule and go for Tech to Calgary event. It was a really risky shot that proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I got into the event after talking to the VanHack team and receiving the green light to participate in it. 

All the combined efforts culminated in a successful night with many companies and VanHackers together. Because of that event I got two interviews with Canadian tech companies. 

And after that, I was accepted in Leap Ontario. Even before the night of the kick-off event, I was interviewed by two companies: Loblaw and MessagePoint. 

After a technical interview with MessagePoint I got a job offer and decided to accept it. 

And, on November 16, 2019 I signed my employment contract with MessagePoint!

I have learned many things along this journey and the most important of them are:

  • practice whenever you have the chance
  • treat everyone with respect and value all the lessons you can learn from them
  • don’t give up your dreams and keep going forward, even if you have setbacks
  • be positive and stay positive

Thanks to everyone for your help, support, shared knowledge, feedback and friendship. You are very important to me and truly made a difference in my life.

P.S.: Eye of the tiger, Rocky!!!  


Flavio, thank you very much for your kind words. All of us at VanHack are so happy to hear that we helped a great candidate like you move to Canada.


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