“I used VanHack Premium for just 6 months — and then I got hired as a senior full stack developer at a top local tech company,” Danilo Kaltner says with a smile. (He adds with a grin that he could have got hired even faster, 3 months earlier at another company, but might have scared the employer off with an overly high salary expectation.)

He’s happy, his employer is happy and Canada will have a brighter future because he’s helping innovation grow right here.

It’s yet another success story for VanHack Premium (and you can check out our other recent success story here). The truth is that many technology professionals that aim to get jobs in Canada can benefit from this program which gives:

  • More than 40h of English practice per month divided into Interview Practice (technical and behavioral)
  • Exclusive access to a library of videos to help you all the way on your preparation to get a job abroad and relocate to a new country.
  • Personalized calls with a Career Coach to help you with your international profile
  • And much more!

Danilo’s pathway to get hired as a full-stack developer with VanHack Premium

It’s safe to say that Danilo was already on a path to success — and Premium helped speed things up for him. “I’m someone that takes a lot of ownership in whatever I’m doing. When I am with a company, I’m with them 100 percent. I always want to see what I can do to help the company succeed. That’s true in Brazil and all the other companies I’ve worked in before.”

He just needed a little help to make his lifelong dreams come true

“I knew that I wanted to do, but I hesitated,” Danilo said. “Even from my teenage years, I knew I wanted to come to Canada. I’m gay and I had heard that the country was very diverse. They embraced diversity. I would be able to go somewhere that they would accept me!”

He knew he’d need to speak English in Canada, so he took language courses. But time passed and he kept putting off his dream.

Finally, the time had come. “I was living in Chile with my husband and thinking, well, we could go back to San Paulo… but he knew me well. He said, what about living in another country? I said, how about Canada? I’ve always talked about the opportunity and kind of life we could have there.”

There was no more putting it off. “It was time to get serious.” Shortly after, he heard about VanHack.

“To be honest, I was skeptical in the beginning,” Danilo says. “But just seeing all the videos of VanHack’s successful candidates getting great technology jobs, my confidence increased.”

With VanHack Premium, Danilo finally reaches his goal

“VanHack Premium was the game-changer!” he explains. “I learned everything I needed to know about how to get a job in Canada. It was very in-depth.”

The English language practice really made a difference for him. “When I got into my first interview classes, I thought that I would be awesome… but I realized, my skills weren’t as good as I thought! The first question was ‘What is your work routine?’ I spent 5 or 6 minutes responding, without actually answering the question!”

I became humble and understood I had a lot more to learn. At the same time, I worked on my technology skills to improve even more. I got weekly practice and did interviews where I would record myself answering questions. It was very intensive, something like 20 hours per week.”

All that work paid off. “I would say to anyone in VanHack, get into the community. Start interacting with everyone on Slack. Just talking with people, you’ll get the feeling you’re really part of something bigger, a community. Don’t be afraid to fail! Really, take risks in the interview practice. If it worked, they will tell you — but they will also tell you if it didn’t work. Do the most classes you can, get as much information as you can — and you’ll succeed.”

The future is bright for Danilo after he was hired as a full-stack developer in Canada

For now, he’s working remotely, but soon, he’ll be relocating to his new home. They’ve already visited. “I love Vancouver. There, my husband and I could walk together and no one bothered us. They really celebrate diversity! And Vancouver has nature, with a beautiful beach, rivers… And the food! It’s amazing. it’s such a beautiful city.”

Do you want to have a success story like Danilo? Join VanHack Premium today and you can improve your chances of getting a high-tech job in Canada faster!