Sakshi and her husband moved to Canada last month. Her amazing story tells us the importance of never giving up – and always dreaming big. She applied for more than 500 jobs before finding success! Here’s her story, in her own inspiring words. Congratulations Sakshi!

My Success Mantra

The secret is the law of attraction!

I had been preparing hard to get a job abroad since December 2018. I put a lot of efforts into applying to more than 500 jobs across the globe. I did get a job in London in April 2019 but my offer got delayed and things didn’t work out. I decided to move on and started hunting again.

“I believe everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. Every thought of yours is a real thing”

So, I kept on applying for jobs abroad for over a year and finally achieved success through VanHack.

How Vanhack Helped me:

In July 2019, one of the VanHack employees reached out to me over LinkedIn. He introduced me to one of the VanHack Leap Events “Women in Tech September 2019 – Toronto”.

Though there were only a few positions in my skill set, I decided to take a chance. I booked my tickets to travel to Toronto to attend the Leap Event. It sounds crazy to travel to another country just to give interviews! But, it was important to me as it was a life changing opportunity.

VanHack’s team conducted a lot of online sessions to help me understand what to expect in the event and how to prepare. I had the chance to go through multiple mock interviews with many of VanHack’s technical leaders which helped me face a real interview.

Women In Tech 2019 :

We were 16 girls from all across the globe who attended the event. I believe 10 out of 16 got hired – what a huge number! Kudos to VanHack!

During the event, I introduced myself to more than 20 leading companies. I had given interviews to few of them and was able to prove my skill-set. I was selected and got my offer in December 2019.

Even after getting the job offer, Vanhack helped in applying for my work permit, relocation queries, and many other things.

Move during Covid-19:

Sakshi Flying Safe

My joining was at the end of March 2020 which got delayed due to Covid-19. I was adamant to move so I travelled along with my husband once the travel ban lifted. We took all the necessary precautions at the airport and safely landed in Toronto on May 24th, 2020. We have completed our quarantine period and are in the best of health.

I can’t be more thankful to the VanHack team for all their efforts and guidance helping me to achieve my dreams.