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If you have hired remote workers (or are considering it), you’re bound to have run into the question of paying them. Many companies in Canada and Europe are realizing that paying employees in other countries isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems at first glance. You need to think about taxation, compliance, and a whole host of other issues. 

It is possible, of course – you just need to have your legal team draw up the correct kind of contract, and set up the right kind of payment flow. 

If you’re a larger company with an in-house legal team, you already have the resources you need to solve this problem. However, most smaller companies cannot afford the time/money to work with multiple legal jurisdictions and untangle all the taxation and compliance issues. And that’s precisely why VanHack has partnered with Deel!

What is Deel?

Simply put, Deel is the first payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record and automates everything.

Deel simplifies hiring anyone, anywhere. It streamlines compliance and payments through an independent contractor and EOR model. With Deel, you can set up legally binding contracts that cover local labor laws in over 120 countries, get paid in the payment method of your choice, and enjoy 24/7 customer support. For US clients, Deel generates legal documents and tax forms such as W-8, W-9, 1099, and others.

VanHack spoke to Deel because many of our customers asked us for a robust and compliant payments solution. We’re happy to announce that Deel has agreed to give VanHack customers a great deal (sorry, couldn’t resist) – 25% off for your first year!

If you’re a VanHack Hiring Partner, get in touch with your sales manager and we’ll help you set up your account with Deel, and get the discount. 

Sounds Great! Can you tell me a little bit more?

Here are some of the things that Deel takes care of for you.


Deel generates examples of local labor law contracts that help compliance for remote talent working under the labor laws of their countries. The general contract comes in three types: fixed, pay as you go and milestone. If you are considering hiring full-time employees, Deel’s employer of record service will enable you to onboard a person in a matter of days.


After the contract is generated, on the agreed date (payment cycle), the client will issue the payment through Deel.

With Mass pay, the clients can process payments in one click, regardless of the number of contracts they have. When the payment is due, the total amount owed is displayed and a client will be able to process it at once or select payments from the list.

Payment methods

Clients can pay via ACH, wire transfers, and credit cards.

Contractors can withdraw money with one of the 15 available methods, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, Transferwise or bank transfer (in USD or 100+ local currencies).


Deel’s contracts have been reviewed by over 120 legal partners and tax experts around the world and are localized to those countries.

Appropriate registration documents are collected on Deel to prove the legitimacy of contractors and give peace of mind to clients when they’re hiring abroad. The documents requested are based on local requirements of each country.

Tax Documentation

For US users, Deel has created an easy way to compile data and generate tax forms. When a contract is created, they use the information provided to automatically fill in forms and file some of them to the IRS directly on Deel.

Forms Deel supports:

  • W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
  • W-8 (W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E) Certificate of Foreign Status
  • 1099 Miscellaneous Income (can be filed to IRS via Deel at the end of the year)

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