VanHacker Camilo Barreto recently moved to Vancouver from Colombia after getting a job through VanHack.

Moving to a new country takes some effort at the best of times. Camilo and his family were undeterred though, as they knew this was the culmination of something they had been working towards for a long time.

The flights were long – the family flew first to Toronto, and then on to Vancouver. The journey was surreal, with COVID-19 checks being conducted at every stage, normally bustling airports mostly empty, and everyone in masks. Camilo was taking no chances either – here’s a picture of his daughter.

Camilo’s daughter wearing her PPE!

As you can see, the family was well prepared. They have arrived safely in Vancouver and are already half-way through the mandatory 14-day self-isolation period. They haven’t gone outside yet, but are already well into setlling down, dealing with school admissions and the minutiae of everyday life online.

Camilo shared some kind words about VanHack that we’re honored to share with you:

“VanHack has been the platform that unleashed and boosted my job opportunities while being in Colombia. I had the chance to go through multiple mock interviews with many of VanHack’s technical leaders.

This gave me a significant advantage when facing a real interview. It improved my communication skills and helped me focus on which aspect I should highlight during the interviews.

Even after finally getting a job offer VanHack has given me support and guidance on first steps in Canada, and has been at reach anytime. This has been a huge aid and makes me feel I came to Vancouver by standing on the shoulders of people who really know what they are doing and who have opened a horizon to other IT peers out there to come and see this beautiful land full of opportunities.”

Camilo Barreto – VanHacker

Camilo, thank you very much! We wish you and your lovely family the very best of luck with your new life in Canada.

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