Some years ago, Pankaj was having no luck looking for life and career opportunities abroad on LinkedIn and other sites online. Now he is a senior quality assurance (QA) engineer working for a company in Toronto. Do you want to know how an QA engineer from India got hired in Canada? Maybe you want to be the next one hired yourself? That’s what we are here for. Learn and get inspired by Pankaj’s story!

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From no luck to dream job as an engineer from India hired in Canada

“I saw an ad and I joined VanHack, but I didn’t complete my profile”. Pankaj’s story with VanHack had a very casual start back in 2019. It all changed when our team gave him a much-needed push in the right direction. “I got a call from VanHack saying that there was a company that needed a professional like me and that I needed to update my profile, so I did. Then I did the English verification test and the coding test. After that, all the process went well and there was a lot of help from the VanHack team through the complete interview process. After six months, I finally got the job”.

“It’s quite similar” – How job search works in Canada

His journey to became an QA engineer from India hired in Canada was not very different from what he was used to back home. Many candidates looking for jobs abroad worry about how different the process will be compared to their experience in their native country. According to Pankaj, the hiring steps he went through with his current Canadian employer were not very different from the ones he was used to do in India.

“The interview process we have here is quite similar to what we have in India. You get shortlisted first and you will be asked to go through the interview rounds. You get feedback whether you are selected or not and based on that you will be moving from one round to the next. The technical questions and the managerial questions are quite similar to what you would have when you are searching for a job in my profession. I also think that the technologies I was using were the same technologies that the company where I was hired was using, so it was quite smooth”.

Preparation is the key to getting hired in Canada

Pankaj paved the way to his dream job in Canada through hard work. He is a great success story for VanHack because he used our best resources to his advantage. One example: mock interviews.

“I got help from the [VanHack’s] team from day one. They told me where I needed to update my profile, what skills and key points I had to mention on my resume. They told me how I needed to prepare for the interviews and I got mock interview calls before each round. So I was able to prepare the answers beforehand and it really helped me ease my interview process. I was not very nervous during the interviews, actually. It was a quite smooth process because of all the preparation and all the materials that I got from VanHack”.

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Final tip: “be confident”

With preparation comes confidence and that is the advice Pankaj wants to offer other candidates: “My tip for those looking for a job is ‘be ready’. All the help and the materials that I got from VanHack helped me be more confident because I knew the questions and I could prepare myself accordingly. In my experience, you have to be confident about your skills and give it 100%. That will definitely help you to get a good offer”.

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