We are very proud to share with you some of what our Premium Academy members accomplished in 2021. Last year was tough, and the whole world is still dealing with the pandemic and its economic consequences. However, being able to work hard and make dreams come true despite all that is huge, the reason we want to kudos to the 102 premium academy members who got hired abroad during the past year! We are ready to help more people land new jobs in 2022. Are you prepared to become the next one? So check out our end-of-the-year review and learn more of what the Premium Academy can do for you.

We’ve reviewed 500+ members’ profiles from 2021, giving them feedback on how to improve their online presence and resume, helping them showcase their skills and talents. And because VanHackers work hard to adjust their profiles, focusing on these suggestions to match with position requirements, nearly 50% of Premium Academy subscribers who applied for jobs in the last three months are being pre-selected for positions. 

Members profile

Brazilians make for a bit over half of all our members (52%), but our Academy is made extraordinary by people from India (12%), Nigeria (8%), Colombia (8%), and so many other locations. Most subscribers are full-stack engineers (37%), backend engineers (24%), or frontend engineers (9%), with 7+ years of experience (79%).

When it comes to a hired member’s primary skillset, the most common is Java script (21%), Python (16h%), and Java (12%). This makes sense since these areas of expertise are in high demand.

One fascinating piece of data tells us about English proficiency. While 55% of the Premium Academy members have advanced or fluent English skills, the other “half” are those with an intermediate level that are attending our live classes to improve their English skills. Classes help participants practice for real interviews and get comfortable with speaking in a multicultural environment, discussing complex projects, which will soon be their reality at work.

Relocation in numbers

In 2021, Canada was the most frequent destination for Premium Academy VanHackers who relocated (84%). Other popular locations were the US (8%) and Germany (3%). And even if the tech industry is still unequal when it comes to gender, two women landed the highest-paying jobs amongst all the Premium Academy members.


Academy open doors

We are very proud of everything our members accomplish, so it’s always a bliss to welcome new people! In 2021, 635 tech talents became part of the Premium Academy, and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve next. We are committed to growing the community and always thinking of letting candidates know how we can help. So far, efforts have paid off. Last year, we had more than 3 thousand people apply to our 20 open classes, in which we let anyone take part in one of our regular live classes. 

You can sneak some classes and learn more about Premium Academy here 🥰

Let Premium Academy help you

VanHack’s Premium Academy offers two primary services: profile review and interview preparation live classes, with real instructors in a diverse environment.

Academy members have experts review their professional profiles. LinkedIn’s data shows candidates with an improved profile are around 30% more likely to be hired.

Subscribers also have the opportunity to get hands-on practice with all the most common questions and situations you might get in a job interview. It’s a great way to learn how to ace an interview and improve English skills simultaneously.

Become a member

Our doors are open, and we are waiting for you. If you are not already a member, you can subscribe here.

Visit www.vanhack.com/candidates to be one of our many VanHackers hired 🙂
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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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